Games Industry's Achievement List for 2010

Gideon Heap of TheGameReviews writes: "Whether you're after PlayStation trophies or Xbox achievements, we're constantly getting set targets by our games. There is something nice about the comforting pat-on-back from developers telling us we've been a good little player. But what if we could turn the tables and set achievements for the games industry itself? Plenty of forums buzz with demands for remakes, moans at delays in the release schedule and, very occasionally, praise for games that strike a chord. What do we really want from the industry and what targets could they realistically achieve? Ok, if there's no money in it then they probably won't care, but wouldn't it be great to unleash their inner score whore? Surely they wouldn't be able to resist listening to our demands if there were a few extra Gs in it for them? Here are ten achievements we'd like to see the industry – er – achieve in 2010."

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cain1413190d ago

I hope they are as addicted to achievements as most people I know... These could be good for all of us...

Haly3190d ago

Natal actually turning out to be good? I'm not so sure.

Love the humour of the article though.

SlamVanderhuge3190d ago

I think we'll see Duke Nukem Forever before we see a good Sonic game come out. Have been burned too many times in the past to believe that Needlemouse will be amazing.

gidzilla3190d ago

This whole back to 2D thing. You don't think Sonic is copying Mario do you?
- Hows that for some 90s fanboy action

shoinan3190d ago

Sonic is dead to me. Dead I tells ya!

mr durand pierre3190d ago

Great article. Though I think releasing Duke Nuk'em Forever is worth way more than 5 points.

shoinan3190d ago

It's at least worth 8, maybe 9.

Krud3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I suppose I'm being naive to not think that Blizzard releasing StarCraft II this year would be an achievement. I figured since they're only releasing a third of the game -- I'm sorry, I mean "the first part of the Starcraft II trilogy" -- that it should be manageable enough.

As for Duke Nukem Forever? The name's too ironic now to ever happen. If they make another Duke Nukem game (which I think they should), they should change the name a la the Witness Protection Program for software: "What? No, this isn't Duke Nukem Forever, it's, um... Duke Nukem Ad Infinitum. Yeah."