Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Blitzkrieg

From "This mod from the COH BLITZKRIEG MOD TEAM features a more realistic weapon damage system, new textures, new units, changed and expanded Commander Trees, new abilities, new sounds and much more."

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Saryk3188d ago

I downloaded this mod last week. I have to admit this is the best mod I have ever played (for any game). This will be MOD of the Year. Very good guys………

Elwenil3188d ago

I've been playing it for months and it just keeps getting better. I agree that it is probably one of the best game mods out there. I'd only put it second behind Project Reality, the BF2 mod, because I like FPS games a little better. But yeah if you have Company of Heroes, Blitzkrieg is a must have mod. It's a great way to kill several hours a day for months at a time, lol.