How important is music in video games?

From PS3 Attitude: "Music can make or break a game. The recent Codemasters game, FUEL, was met with disappointment. Even though the game had a record-breaking number of square miles to explore, the soundtrack was one of the main factors in it's lacklustre reception.

Compared to games like Ratchet and Clank, Killzone 2 and the Uncharted series though, its no wonder that people have a higher expectation of music in video games today..."

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snaz273404d ago

really? i mean i didnt read too much into this game anyway as it didnt really interest me, but from what i did read people were saying there was nothing to do in that record breaking area!, didnt hear much about the music.... the question is, if fuel had a kick ass soundtrack would it have made it a great game? cant xbox360 users play music in any game anyway? not sure if this game supported in-game music for the ps3... anyway, i doubt the bad reviews were cos of the soundtrack, the game was just rubbish!

DolphGB3404d ago

I remember reading some reviews that pointed to a terrible soundtrack not helping things. Of course, this article is all about music, so the writer is bound to pick out an example of 'When Soundtracks Go Bad' to highlight his point - FUEL was the sacrificial lamb in this instance.

What other games could he have said had bad soundtracks or music?

snaz273404d ago

i must admit i never really focus too much on the music of any game, as that is easilly remedied by turning it off and sticking on your own, and if the game is that good, gameplay wise you wont even notice the music anyway, if uncharted 2 had spice girls all the way through would it have made it a bad game? granted i think it wouldnt have been as good as it was, but its not like i remember any of the music in the game, i remember the action... i hear bayonetta has a terrible soundtrack? but its getting rave reviews, or am i thinkin of a different game? to me music in a game is just not THAT important.

creeping judas3404d ago

I would have stopped playing 10 minutes into the game!!!

snaz273404d ago

even if it did cant you just turn the music off? keep all the sound effects on, then put on your hi-fi, can you remember any of the music in uncharted 2? the only game i can remember some music from is LBP there was one weird song in it, and its played on a few adverts now, this is probably why i remember it lol... i dont think music is a game breaker though, and it certainly doesnt make a game! but yes it can add to a great game.

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kewlkat0073404d ago

Especially when it comes down to w/jRPG's they really set the mood. Even Title/Menu music sets the mood before you jump in.

There are some games where I memorize each track and what area it was played in. *Currently one track that keeps coming back to me is that "Chapter Selection" tune in Bayonetta.