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Sony Unveils First Blu-Ray Disc Drive Burner

Sony Electronics today unveiled its first internal Blu-ray Disc (BD) rewritable drive for the computer aftermarket.

The new drive(model BWU-100A) supports up to 50 GB of data on BD-R (write once) or BD-RE (rewritable) discs or up to four hours of high-definition video using HDV 1080i on a BD-RE 50GB disc. The new drive is capable of burning a full 25GB disc in about 50 minutes.

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it takes like, an hour to burn one disc?!

AuburnTiger6282d ago

It's a new drive, hell even when the 1st CD burners came out it was taking like 15 to 20 mins to burn just 650megs data cd.

This is 25 gigs!!
That's 25,600 megabytes
25 gigs in 50 isn't a bad start.

Silent6281d ago

Hey dude its 25 GIGABYTS no 25 MEGABYTES

bernie6282d ago

Higher quality compression, far better value on hardware, extra's included on disk (rather than having to download from Sony's Online service), better independent review scores from both online & print publications. If as these polls prove most of the intelligent public pick the higher quality HD DVD, the majority of publishers will follow.

Here's the proof-


and finally,

Don't waste your money on bluray, get a format that will stay the course, HD DVD:)

bernie6282d ago

Part of the new $150 million awareness campaign.

Here you go: http://www.thelookandsoundo...


shoota336282d ago

shut up fanboy.your one sided ignorance is becoming annoying.


shut up fanboy.your one sided ignorance is becoming annoying.

achira6282d ago

poor guy. blue ray hasnt even started. blue ray has better quality you fool. blue ray can use the same compression technology like hd-dvd but has more capacity ! so why dont you shut up your lier mouth ?

shoota336282d ago

I know you are board without your xbox 1.5 but damn get a life.


I know you are bored without your PS2.5 but damn get a life.

shoota336282d ago (Edited 6282d ago )

That just shows how childish and immature you are.You really need to get a life,you are the number 1 poster on the site and 90% of your comment are in the ps3 section.You are concerned more about ps3 then you are with your broke xflop 1.5

THELANDSOFSAND6282d ago (Edited 6282d ago )


keeping stats on my posts now?

maybe you will be a thelandofsand fanboy next


Bishop6282d ago

Don't make me laugh all of the best companies are sticking with blu-ray not hddvd simply because of the copyright protection. Business will stick with the format that offers the most potential space and the most protection.

Most intelligent businessmen will stick with Blu-ray so individuals will not copy their products allowing them to make more money. It’s all about money

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achira6282d ago

hd-dvd cost more than a blue ray film ! wait some months and a blue ray player will cost the same as the hd-dvd. we know all why hd-dvd cost not so much, because toshiba takes a lost. but how long can they make that ? not long.


this drive costs $750 and takes almost an hour to burn a disc.

Siesser6282d ago (Edited 6282d ago )

That's really not that long. It's basically the equivalent of burning a standard 4.7gig DVD in 10 minutes. Burning more data takes more time, and if you're going to max out the entire 50 gigs, you'll have to come back in an hour and a half or so. I doubt HD-DVD's recording speeds will be much faster.

shotty6282d ago

HD-DVD burner please, i'll even take a sony hd-dvd burner.

pRo loGic II6282d ago

Blu-ray has been proven to be inferior all across the board; i'v cheked them both out just to see for my self the other day. It's too bad you got that sub-par crap in the PS3. #2.4 and #3 you have no idea what you're talking about. people will be educated about both formats and let me tell you; cheaper(as much as half)plus having far better qaulity and more feature's to personalize the experiance is a done deal for HD-DVD. I don't see how Blu-ray can be on top, not even PS3 will save Blu-ray. Holly Wood will follow the consumers not Sony, it's too bad Sony had convinced/trick Holly Wood into believing PS3 will be Gods gift to the world and would be un-stopable. lol

shoota336282d ago (Edited 6282d ago )

Your an idiot,blu ray is serperior and every way.why do you think it has so much support and hd dvd does'nt.You are just with hd dvd because MS supports it and you dont want it to fail.Grow up blu ray is already more popular than hd dvd anyways.If MS had blu ray you would be praising it fanboy.

THELANDSOFSAND6282d ago (Edited 6282d ago )

more popular? any evidence there my little buddy?


and does anyone here even have a blu-ray player?