The Future of Video Games

The guy who designed one of last year's biggest blockbusters hits the hay each night dreaming about the ultimate game. He just can't make it happen yet. "It's a world that can flip upside down in a second and change from an empowering fantasy to a dreadful nightmare," Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer of Epic's Gears of War, says of his dream game. "It all hinges on thoughts and impulses-not on button presses. The biggest obstacle we're facing now is one of interface. We need a significant advance in this area for gaming to truly allow for an interactive landscape of dreams."

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power of Green 4733d ago

Rare would be stupid not to release a new Killer Instinct its has been said to be coming on one of Rare's sites.

ngg123454733d ago

Is fake, lame, and pure flamebait. I'm betting it will be approved.

Rybnik4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Umm, there is no flamebait!! Its just CliffyB voicing an opinion about his idea for the ultimate game (which pretty much matches my ideas as well, and prolly many others), and 1up postulating how we will likely get there within 20 years.

Its actually a wonder that this article is not slanted towards the current console war! Also, I think these predictions are prolly more or less, the direction we are headed right now in gaming..Cool.

was this something entirely different before? POG's comment threw me off..

MK_Red4733d ago

Good article and nice photo above (It has Scorpion and Baraka!).