Why The "" Website Is A Fake

Shaun of OLC writes:

There are plenty of people out there just waiting to try and pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to exclusives and official tie-ins., to me, is the product of one of those people.

For a start lets take a look at the evidence.

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shaunmcilroy3408d ago

Yeah, click through for all the fun.

JOLLY13408d ago

Maybe because they are using the old playstation font?

twdll3408d ago

Who cares? Whatever the name, I am really looking forward to it. I think that the Wii is GOOD, but whatever the Motion Controller with no name from Sony is called, I think it will be GREAT!

iceatcs3408d ago

I think it is nothing to do with "Arc"

they're talking about a fake website -

iceatcs3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Of course.

No need to write to have to prove it to anyone that it is fake site.
A under 50 IQ level person would tell that site is fake.

Hope someone wrote it is don't mind to waste of time, especially also to the people to make that fake site. No benefit = totally waste.

[Edit] Oh my god, even they record in the video with common why it is flaw. So what the point write that archive when you got video too. Someone took too much on their hands.

MovieScouse0073408d ago

Simple answer... YES!
I didn't hear or see any evidence, I heard the mumbling, drunken ramblings of someone with FAR too much time on his hands.
He provided no evidence, he simply talked tripe while pointing a video camera at the screen! is clearly a fake website and, as the author of the article suggests, is probably yet another example of disgraceful cyber squatting!