Battlefield Bad Company Squad Rush Gamemode Details!

North America: All customers that pre-order from GameStop (local retail store or website) on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will have an Exclusive Access* for 30 days to play the "Squad Rush" gamemode and any friends they bring with them. This means you can always play with your friends if you have the Exclusive Access* never forcing you to split from them, plus those that have this Exclusive Access* are a bit more popular... even if only for 30 days. ;-)

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ryuzu3240d ago

Pretty cool? to have your choice of retailer limited to 1 if you wish to use all the functionality you're paying for available on day 1?

Seems like a disgusting move to me and one that should get Gamestop (and EA, but you can't hit them directly) a boycott.

Still, no problems with PC version so it's all good ;)