Classic Controller add-on solves dangling tangling Wii Remotes

Following in the footsteps of Elecom's Wii Remote casing, Nyko's Classic Controller Grip is supposedly designed to make lengthy retro-gaming sessions on the excellent Classic Controller a doddle, rather than the finger-cramping exercise in discomfort that it, um, isn't.

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soundboy4797d ago

This is horrendous. Here's an idea to solve the dangling wiimote problem: releas a damn wireless classic controller already! why do people have to put up with this?

Tsalagi4797d ago

That is horrible looking. I could do the same thing for free by just twisting the wire around the classic controller.

elenamylove4797d ago

This is funny - Someone at Nyko is smoking too much.

sumfood4u4797d ago

They need to quit BS, an get the controller right!