What If?: Super Mario Paint

TheGamersHub writes, "What If? is our newest series of articles that ask the question what if old favorites, or old games in general were remade and revived and given new life in this next-generation world. Will it succeed with the likes of Halo, God Of War, and Wii Sports giving stiff competition?"

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BlackIceJoe3405d ago

I think a new Mario Paint would be really cool. The Wii remote would work perfectly for the paintbrush. I think a new Mario Paint would also be a big seller. So I think it would be great if Nintendo made a new one.

D4RkNIKON3404d ago

Mario paint was an awesome game! I loved the music editor, the coloring book, the animator, the fly swatting game and the painting of course. A new Mario Paint would be sweet. I could only imagine all of the interesting mini games they could add. This would be a great reason to dust off the wii.