GDN: Darksiders: Wrath of War Review

GDN: Now, is the game fun? Heck yes! War manages to do some heavy damage and the deeper you get into the game the more intricate and cool the moves become. Is it frustrating at times? Heck yes! The game is tough even on normal difficulty I can't imagine what it might be like on Apocalyptic, but you can get that I'll try it out. Plus, it's fairly long.

I've been playing for around 10 hours and still have at least two mega-bosses, one ultra-mega-boss and three areas to open according to the map. So yesI don't think I'd go play it again, but it does make me want to finish it and find all the hidden stuff., there's plenty to do and see and enjoy. Really, flaws aside it's a good game that appears worth the cost. The levels are large, the enemies diverse and the challenge level high. It's a great big pile of cool and we knew it would be. You couldn't possibly hype a game as much as this one was and then fail utterly...could you?

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