Can Sony's War-Size Shooter, MAG, Cut Through the Fog of War?

What you do first is practically from muscle memory: Sprint across open ground and up the stairs to an elevated sniper's perch, where you instantly drop down and begin sighting down your scope. If you're the camping type, this is standard operating procedure for an online match in a first-person shooter (FPS).

You find your position, you watch for the alleys and windows where enemies tend to appear, and you wait for one or more suckers to die for your personal cause-racking up a kill count worthy of leaderboards and other accolades. In MAG, or Massive Action Game, a PlayStation 3-–exclusive shooter, you may be tempted to follow the camping procedures. And why wouldn't you?

The graphics and gameplay mechanics will feel familiar to anyone who's killed or been killed in Modern Warfare 2, Halo or any number of multiplayer-centric titles. But there is a major difference between MAG and other games: Instead of hosting an eight- to 12-person fight, MAG has the means to provide players with a 200- to 256- player battle.

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ryuzu3404d ago

Seems strange that Popular Mechanics is able to do a better job than the "professional" gaming press - then again, no surprise given the way gaming journalism has gone these last few years.

Anyway, the article sums up something I couldn't really put my finger on before.

If you're playing 5v5 or 8v8 for example, if you're playing against players who are worse than you, you feel personally, individually, invincible. If you happen to be in one of those MW2/TF2/CS/DoD (or any the top FPS's) games where you're the one on your team doing the pwning - you feel like the rest of your team doesn't matter.

However, in MAG, on the bigger game modes (even on the smaller really) you won't be 1v8 or 1v16, you're 1v32 up to 1v128 - in this situation you can't individually pwn the opposition - you'll need a team around you to survive. That is the sense of dread this article talks about - knowing that no matter how good you are individually - without some else helping, you're not going to win/survive whatever and that's something other FPS haven't managed to impart.

At the end he makes the key point - Zipper have put all the pieces in place for a special game and experience - it's up to the participants to make use of them.

If you don't - you won't get past that sense of dread and being wtfpwned over and over.


Death24943404d ago

( no sarc ) It really is a wonderful experience to hear teamwork. I"m picking this up at midnight .

wanaraceu3404d ago

So pumpted for this game pitty I have 2 wait longer as I'm in AUS

3404d ago