Joystiq Hands-on: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 single-player

Joystiq: We've had extensive hands-on time with the multiplayer component of DICE's upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company sequel, but only just recently had a chance to try out the single-player campaign.

Our demo encompassed two fairly brief levels -- a jungle encampment and a battle through snow-covered mountains -- which were both set in South America. Short as they were, they gave us a taste of the ramped-up action, more challenging AI and a little bit of classic B-Company banter.

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Death24943407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

people do not sleep on this game. I was in the PS3 beta and really freaking awesome. i'm getting MAG today to hold me over until this game launches.

@ darkmauder
Don't even comment about MAG. In one article you said you heard about MAG beta from a friend. In another article you claimed you actually played the beta. I doubt you or your friend played the beta but you have opinions about it. Stop being a follower. If you guys don't believe me then track his comments. He can't think fotr himself