Kombo: Random Access Memories: Arcade Wasteland

Kombo: It wasn't just on the other side of the tracks, but on the other side of several tracks to which my friend and I had made a typical pilgrimage. Cruising along in my Mother's convertible Saab coupe, we went looking to pass a little time and blow through an ashtray full of quarters.

Time was I wouldn't have had to drive so far to go to a video arcade, but the shifting industry had taken its toll on the formerly abundant palaces of flashing and beeping interactive entertainment. The turbo engine hummed as I drove this car that I loved but did not own across town to our destination, on a perfect, wasteful afternoon. We chatted about what games we wanted to play.

I wanted to play Hydro Thunder, probably several times to unlock the special Nile course, which was amazing. My friend was more into fighting games, and I was sure we'd go a round or two on the latest Street Fighter, at which he would surely clean my clock.

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