Back In Space: BioWare On Mass Effect 2

By the beginning of 2010, more than four years have elapsed since the Xbox 360's release. At this point, several developers have put out sequels to games originally released for the system, and others are deep into the process of working on them. This week, BioWare ships its first current generation sequel, as it is set to release Mass Effect 2, a little over two years after the original game, which shipped in late 2007.

Here, lead producer Adrien Cho, who was lead technical artist on the first game, talks about the process of learning from the original game in the series. The BioWare team took journalist and fan feedback, compiled it all, and made leads responsible for addressing it in the game. He also talks about how laying the foundation of the original title enabled growth and refinement for the developers' ideas as they launched into the sequel.

One aspect that BioWare and EA have been touting for the sequel is that the game plays more like a shooter, while still retaining the developer's stock-and-trade of strong RPG gameplay and intricate story mechanics.

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Has anyone played this game?
I really need an opinion before I buy it.