Free PS3 With HDTV Pack

GWN writes, "We don't normally promote retail specials, but this one is simply too good to pass up!

If you live in the United States, you can head down to Best Buy this week and pick up an absolute cracker of a deal! Dubbed the "Complete Sony package", you get the following:

* Sony 40" 1080p LCD HDTV (worth $1999 on its own)
* 1 PS3 game (Motorstorm or MLB 07)
* 1 Blu-Ray movie (Casino Royale, Open Season or Underworld Evolution)
* PlayStation 3 60GB console (worth $599)

Final price: $2089

That's around 600 bucks in savings. Not too shabby, if you ask us."

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hikikimori4797d ago

Holy crap! Nice deal if you have 2 gees floating around.

Watkins4797d ago

If you're about to get a 40" TV, you might as well get this. Wow.

boi4797d ago

gd deal there people who's got the money and wants a ps3 :)

MastaGT4797d ago

Cheap ass deal. There's other ways to get such deals even cheaper...(hence) SA & E importing =]

Captain Tuttle4797d ago

I'd pick this up even if I didn't want a PS3. Hard to beat.

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The story is too old to be commented.