The Daily Grind: Going out to pick up MAG tonight?

Massively writes:

"So today's the morning of the 25th, dear Massively readers, and that means tonight is the midnight release of MAG! The PS3 is going to get a little more MMO this evening as thousands of players log in for intense "I don't know where I got shot from" action with 256 players.

Are you visiting the midnight release tonight to pick up your copy? If so, how early are you going to be there to take part in the "late night festivities?" Are you going to camp out at 10 PM or are you just going to show up 5 minutes before midnight? Bonus question: If you're getting MAG tonight, are you going to go home and spam it, or are you saving it for Tuesday?"

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Myst3286d ago

I know I personally won't be picking up MAG tonight ( so why am I posting? ) because I did enjoy the demo and still on the fence whether or not I'll be picking up. Only FPS I own is Killzone 2 anyway so I could definitely use something else in that genre to be fair.

Though I will be at a midnight launch for a different game ( since it's not announced in the story I'll leave it out ). So I'll more than likely see some people who will pick up mag and chat with them.

Though could the game be classified as an MMO..?

StanRaimondi3285d ago

already preorded and payed my dilemma is should i take a vacation day from work and get it at ten when the game store opens in my area or should i just wait until tomorrow