Motion Control: can the PS3 avoid becoming a dumping ground for dreadful party games?

PS3Attitude says:

"wand front closeup3 w500 e1263219076806 Motion Control: can the PS3 avoid becoming a dumping ground for dreadful party games?Earlier we announced that Sony Computer Entertainment had dated their new Motion Controller (a provisional title) for release this autumn. With its release in sight, we contemplate whether the PS3 with motion sensing is a match made in gaming heaven or whether we should expect to be overrun by a deluge of lobotomy-inducing novelty games – as has arguably been the case with the Wii."

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PimpHandHappy3403d ago

if we go buy Sonys track record they will create a new IP that will be amazing with the Gem....

Baba19063403d ago

ido love party games though. i would by a ratchet and clank party game =D

Death24943403d ago

In the trailer they release after TGS 09 there was a preview of you manipulating the flash light with the wand. Also we've seen it working with games like LBP ans RE5:AE. it's also compatible with Flow & Flower. i'm almost certain ElderScrolls 4 sales are going to resurge after the patch is released .

GarandShooter3403d ago

'The 56.14m consoles that Nintendo has sold worldwide is emphatic proof that there is a market for interactive games.'

I had absolutely no idea that the games on the PS3 and 360 weren't interactive. You learn something new every day./S

I don't see a problem here. I expect Sony to have good first party support for motion control. Secondly, nobody loves all games or all genres. You buy the ones that appeal to you. If party games aren't your thing (and they're not my thing, though I could see buying a very good one for when people, especially non-gamers, visit), move on. I'll buy the games I like, without a concern in the world over people buying games that don't appeal to me. They will suffer no ridicule from me. It's certainly not the case that more content is going to be a problem for me. I won't feel like I'm wading through sewage to find what I like.

At the end of the day, if you want to say the success will all depend on the software and support, then just say it. I'll agree.

na-no-nai3403d ago

if they gonna say that. i think most certainly that microsoft natal will definitely get lots of more party games just cuz you used your hand

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