Sony Investigating PS3 Hack Allegations

Sony has revealed it is investigating allegations that the PS3 has been hacked.

Earlier today, we reported how George Hotz, the iPhone 2G hacker, claims to have gained access to the PS3's system memory and processor which, if true, may have profound piracy implications for Sony.

We contacted Sony on the issue and a spokesperson confirmed that the company is looking in to the issue.

"We are investigating the report and will clarify the situation once we have more information," said the statement.

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Leord3409d ago

So basically, they have no clue :)

3409d ago
ryuzu3409d ago

Well they have such a great security record with the PSP after all - this exploit will be closed real quick... /s

Guido3409d ago

They are bargaining with the hacker in order to pay him off to release all responsibility of the hack. If they pay one hacker a few hundred grand they could potentially save millions.

Nihilism3409d ago

"if it becomes public to us"

This has been news for over a week, i'm sure if one person knows how to hack do others.

NOOBKILLA3409d ago

Sony really can't do anything but hope he is lying. By law once you "purchase" a product, in this case a PS3, you can do anything you want to it. The only time it becomes illegal is when you obtain something without paying for it (i.e. pirated games). So technically you can purchase a game and make 100 copies of it and you won't be breaking the law. The moment you attempt to sell one of those copies, even for $1 or obtain a copy that was never purchased (i.e. gift) it is illegal.

If this is true I see a lot of PS3's being sold because people will be able to play pirated games. Think of the percentage of Modded 360s all over the world! However, I don't know how people are going to want to download 30GB-50GB iso files!!! If you can't boot the games from a hard drive, I don't know that many people that will go buy a blu ray burner and a bunch of blank blu ray disc.

Heck it will be cheaper to just buy the games.

gaffyh3409d ago

@1.2 - PS3 and PSP are completely different in terms of security, that's why it's taken over 3 years to even get a sniff of a decent hack.

The reason Sony is saying this is because they need details, which geohot said he wouldn't release until the exploit is complete, otherwise Sony would make things very difficult for the hack.

TheDudeAbides3409d ago

pirates stay away from PS3

D4RkNIKON3409d ago

Imagine the homebrew apps! There will be emulators that is for sure, but I can't wait to see what else devs can do with the PS3 that Sony doesn't want you to do. Imagine being able to fully customize your XMB like the PSP can. The possibilities are endless for homebrew alone. I know I won't be pirating any 20gb files any time soon, like you mentioned.. It would cost too much to get a bluray burner and disks. To much trouble when buying the game is more logical.

ThanatosDMC3409d ago

F-ing hackers just so people would pirate games... I hope PS3 never gets hacked so games dont suffer. Oh well, back to playing SNES, GBA, N64, PSX, ISO, CSO, and Eboot games on my PSP-2000.

viperman2403409d ago

Ps3 ps3 games are larger then 5GB they are 5-50GB.

So its going to to take forever to download and then your going to need 2 buy a blu ray burner and blank blu rays.

I dont see the point in all this, its just going to cost too much to do and take too long to download.

IdleLeeSiuLung3409d ago

That is not entirely true if you are in the US. I'm not a lawyer, but the Digital Millennium Copyright Act would make it illegal for you to "do anything you want to it" to circumvent DRM.

Wikipedia (yes, I know it is only 70% accurate) says:

"It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works. It also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself."


The most important part it the last sentences there.... Pirates burn in hell!!!

sikbeta3408d ago

GO SONY... and blow out those Fnc#ing-Pirates!, First Party Devs are Making AMAZING Games and they deserve The Money, they don't deserve to get screwed all day like those POOR PC Devs...

badz1493408d ago

are u trying to imply that Sony is weak at securing their system? yes, the PSP hacking scene is well and alive no matter how much stronger Sony keep coming with new hardware and FW, hackers always found a way to exploit that system! mind you that the PSP is not that powerful to begin with thus it's actually harder to secure the system than to hack it!

the PS3 is different in so many ways and they were keeping the system secured from any form of hack or crack for more than 3 years which is darn impressive considering the 360 and Wii are both hacked within 6 month of their releases!

there's still no proof of what the guy is doing and how he managed to hack the PS3 but I'm not on the same boat!

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Fyzzu3409d ago

About what I'd expect. I do wonder what sort of action they'd try to take if they found out it's genuine, though.

AndyA3409d ago

Yup, tricky one to investigate I reckon.

Maticus3409d ago

Indeed, how on earth would they be able to tell? Asking him how he did it?

ryuzu3409d ago

And offer him a job in their software security department, just likes banks and the DoD used to before they started going down the court/prison route.


Dtoxz3408d ago

To tell you the truth I am all for this. Reason being homebrew and emulators....

I would go out and buy another ps3, keep in hacked and not connected to the PSN. I love my ps3 now, but with Homebrew on it, it would be great. Imagine the apps, the emulators, and the games!!!!

I have a hacked PSP now and its wonderful. No pirated PSP games, just NES, SNES and all the old systems that I rarely can find anymore. It's awesome. Rather than spending the time and money on searching for Nintendo games, I just got the ROMS. Imagine that on a ps3. It truly would be great to have.

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TriforceLightning3409d ago

This might actually boost sales of the PS3 if this is true. I wonder how he did it?

MiloGarret3409d ago

Apparently he engaged in an activity labelled as "hacking". I'm not aware of what that means, perhaps he somehow hacks the ps3 to pieces (with an icepick!) to see what it looks like inside to understand how it works.

I'll consult the interwebs and googles and attempt to gain knowledge in this matter.

tripewire3409d ago

Hmm.... Free games with the risk of Sony bricking/disconnecting my console from the PSN.

Or 3D firmware upgrades etc....

I know which Im choosing.

tehReaper3409d ago

Not to mention the high costs of blank blu-rays and an actual blu-ray burner.

You'll still be paying a lot either way.

NOOBKILLA3409d ago

Unless you will be able to boot games straight from a hard drive like you could on the PS2.

All you would need is a 1TB or 2TB hard drive and you would be set.

Tony P3408d ago

Hell yeah. That was my favourite app for the PS2. Rip everything to and play from the HDD just like the PC. Faster load times, less clutter, and no dependency on fragile optical media.

I'd say I'd love to have that with PS3...but these online services are a definite game changer. Nowadays, online connectivity is a huge thing to potentially sacrifice for that convenience.

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Nihilism3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

I just remembered a funny story I read about a hacker that basically dedicated his life to destroying windows. He hacked windows defender and embedded a message in the code that said "to the windows defender man, I want to see through your eyes", and then he went on to say that he admired him...

Crazy Russian hacker then retired to wherever it is they go, into employment of an anti virus company no doubt to keep making viruses so people keep buying the software...

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