IncGamers Column: The Return Of Hellgate

It emerged last week that HanbitSoft has acquired the rights to bring back Hellgate: London to Europe and North America, almost exactly one year after the game was shut down here in the west due to financial difficulties.

Just what can HanbitSoft do that Flagship Studios couldn't, and how will the community receive it after its previously poor performance? IncGamers takes a look at the story so far.

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Maticus3189d ago

After all the publicity, I think it should do quite well. Former players will want to get their hands on it, possibly people like me who never got a chance, but was interested.

Leord3189d ago

I know what you mean, I'd love to get back to HGL, I thought it was really fun to play back then.

Fyzzu3189d ago

If they've actually fixed the issues that it had on its original release, it should do quite well. That's what stopped me.

Leord3189d ago

Yeah, buggy and repetitive was the drawbacks...

Medievaldragon3189d ago

Well one thing they do have is the capital, however, can they get a bunch of developers on this and polish all those features that were rushed in the original? easier said than done. Let's see what they got.

Malfurion3189d ago

Looks like it's already done... let's wait for March and see.

3189d ago

If only Flagship had more time with the game. I remember hearing (reading) in an interview with Bill Roper that they tried to do too much with what they had. Basically, it was too ambitious for their budget. Hellgate had some really cool stuff in it, but overall it felt thrown together with a lot of re-used environments. Hopefully they can pull some of the Flagship team back together and make it the way they wanted to make it.