SEGA versus the 'ModNation Anonymous' – a rose-tinted view?

From PS3 Attitude: "I, like many others, thoroughly enjoyed last year's PS3 Attitude 10 most wanted games of 2010. However, as I finished reading the list I couldn't help but notice what I consider to be a glaring omission, so I've donned my rose tinted glasses in an attempt to bring you round to my way of thinking

This situation does put me in a bit of a quandary though. I'm new to this journalism malarkey and as such this is my first proper article, but I have a feeling the game I'm going to big up will have one or two of you wanting to melt me with Internet lasers, but I shall persevere none the less.

The game I'm referring to is Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing. Still reading? Well the madness continues because I'm proposing that it takes ModNation Racers coveted fourth place in the top 10 list..."

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exnihilonihilfit3401d ago

The problem with this guy with ModNation Racers is really a problem he has with LBP, that is no problem at all.

He's concerned that he won't have the time to make new tracks in ModNation racers, and that those tracks are the only ones which will be worthwhile.

What he fails to understand is that LBP is just a great for those who make levels as it is for those who don't.

I bought LBP day 1 and have not once made a level. I've still had great friend exploring the levels that everyone else has made with my friends. You won't have to make tracks in Modnation racers just to enjoy the great ones that others have made. Even more important though is that making tracks in MNR is going to be much easier than making a level in LBP. The very first demo of MNR showed them making a track in just 5 minutes. If you can't find 5 minutes to spare, maybe you should loosen up your schedule.