IncGamers: DICE Confirms It's Working On More Battlefield Games

IncGamers reports that Swedish Developer, DICE, is working on more Battlefield games.

In an interview with producers Patrick Bach and Gordon Van Dyke, DICE confirmed it was working on more than one Battlefield product.

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mjolliffe3187d ago

It was confirmed to be Battlefield 3 months ago -

narked3187d ago

bf3 also =D

bring on the 64-player maps :D

socomnick3187d ago

Lets just hope they support BC2 like they supported BC1.
2 free map packs.

Free DLC is sweet make sure you add more gun accessories in the DLC though Acog and red dot is not enough.

thetamer3187d ago

Yeah, but I have a funny feeling it's not BF3 they're talking about.

peeps3187d ago

altho i play my consoles way more than pc i hope they make bf3 pc only (i think it is tho?)

just cus no matter what ppl say, i believe they 'simplify' or 'dmub' down their console games.

i mean bfbc may have had teh destruction but as a whole i felt it was a step down from bf2 on pc. cus for a start, could only chat to squad, only 12 v 12. only launched with 1 game mode (that wasn't the mode that made bf popular) less classes. no commanders, squads of no more than 4 players (couldn't play with more than 3 friends at a time).

i mean they're just things off the top of my head. some could call it 'refining' the gameplay. i call stripping it of a lot of features to cater for a more casual console crowd

narked3187d ago

yepp thats why im not AS excited for BFBC2 as I would have been for BF3.

however i'm sure it's still a great game.. beta starts tomorrow.. :D
i won't compare it to any other bf on the pc, i played bf2 and 2142 and both were great games imo...

bfbc2 will just be a different iteration... however im sure that they are working on bf3

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Maticus3187d ago

Oh yes.... that's very good news indeed. DICE do some very good work, looking forward to seeing more from them.

Fyzzu3187d ago

This looks like an occasion for one of my "Breaking news: company thinking about sequel to successful series" comments!

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The story is too old to be commented.