Xbox 360 Failures Explained

In response to the recent Mercury News interview, a man who has had 8 consoles fail so far explains what he believes the issue with the hardware is.

"When the system gets too hot, the combination of loosened solder with a mainboard that flexes from heat causes the GPU or CPU to actually break its connection from the board - resulting in the 3 red lights and secondary error code 0102 (the "unknown hardware error" code).

This is true of ALL systems manufactured thus far, not just the launch systems. Hopefully, Microsoft's new measure of adding a heatpipe to the GPU heatsink will reduce the heat on the mainboard itself enough to keep this from happening. We shall see."

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Diselage4733d ago

Seems like a sound enough theory, hopefully that heatsink fixes the problem.

PS360PCROCKS4733d ago

blah blah blah blah blah blah my comment is about as useful as these never ending "MORE 360'S FAILED" stories

Fisher3394733d ago

I like news like this, it makes MS have to fix the problem.

If no one complains MS will never do anything, I personally am saving up for an 360, but im not gonna buy one till MS confirms they got it under control.

PS360PCROCKS4732d ago

I see your point and I have never thought of it that way, It could make sense, I just got sick of seeing the same story over and over...I appreciate your comment back. Thanks for being mature.

Blackfrican4733d ago

Take Advice from the guy who had 8 systems die on him. He clearly knows what hes talking about.

Lyberator4733d ago

Everyone already knows the GPU is the problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.