Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Review.

Eurogamer Reviews Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition:

You might remember a game called Resident Evil 4. You might remember it because when it came out on the GameCube it was an instant action classic, reinvigorating the Resident Evil series and bringing it right up to date with a massive bang (and then a sort of slippery noise as an exploded head drenched the floor). Then, when it came out on the PlayStation 2 with extra content, it took one look at the law of diminishing returns and gave it a massive roundhouse kick to the head, to became even more of an action classic, full of moody camera-cuts, conspiracy-theory cultists, shambling, leprous villagers, and some of the most heart-stopping set-pieces and frantic firefights in videogame history.

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texism4726d ago

No way am I gonna believe this guy. I'll pick it up and play for myself. How could Capcom screw this one up?

Marceles4726d ago

"Maybe this review is nothing more than the out-of-date opinions of a gaming dinosaur, out of touch with the general gamer. Maybe Wii's target audience will take to this like a duck to water, unburdened by hands that are semi-permanently contorted into a dual-stick controller grasp. Maybe it is, as many people are saying, the definitive version of the definitive game in Capcom's superb survival horror series. But they're not writing this review. I am, and in my opinion, bolting on an unwieldy Wii control scheme adds nothing to the game; it just makes it slightly worse"

I'll believe he's a gaming dinosaur, since I preordered it already...finally something else to play on the Wii other than zelda and super paper mario

sonarus4726d ago

simple. The wii controler isnt built for games like this. Its built for games like wii play and wii sports. even nintendo recognizes this and thats why they arent pushing for motion controls on smash bros which is very smart on their part. It really isnt capcom's fault nor is it nintendo. If the game was built with ideas for the wii mote in mind then it probably would have turnd out better

ITR4726d ago

Did you even read the blog post on Dojo?
He said he preferred the GC controller because of the huge rumble effect.

It gives you 4 control options. Most Wii games give you 2-4 control setups.

Go to any modern arcade and you will see IR games and motion control games.
Wii is using Arcade tech thats been around for yrs now.

Shaka2K64726d ago

Its such a high score for a game thats so old now its not worth it, but then again this is eurogamer they are big nintendo fanboys over there.

Stray_Wulf4726d ago

Nintendo always makes bad quality systems (sorry Wii fanboys, but its true). They basically just redesigned the gamecube, and made the controller some gimicky idea that ended up going horribly wrong. I honestly don't see why people would buy this system when they could have a gamecube, PS2, or XBOX for a much lower price. It's basically the same system, except with horrible controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.