Where Are Our Celebrities

Critical Gamer writes: "I've always looked on with envy at the movie studios who can wheel out actors to promote their latest release" Capcom's head of UK marketing Stuart Turner told trade weekly MCV (issue 567, December 11th 2009). "Our talent are the programmers, artists, producers and other members of the development team, who can talk about their games at depth, but don't have the appeal of an actor".

What Turner means by that last statement of course, is that members of a development team don't have appeal for members of the public in general. People with a passion for gaming are often very interested in what these people have to say, particularly if it's something about an as – yet unreleased game. People with only a casual interest in gaming however couldn't care less what the developers have to say. They don't know or care who they are.

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Jim Crikey3240d ago

It would be good if the industry did produce celebrities in this way - so long as it didn't stop the best developers from developing.

ryuzu3240d ago

Gabe Newell - his perfect face and body has sold a 360 to a gajillion screaming teens all hoping to impress him with their l33t 5killzzz

What more could any marketeer want?

scruffy_bear3240d ago

Yeah it would be awesome to hear more from Developers about there new games than getting the information from a press release

IDesertFoxI3240d ago

I must admit, I know what you mean about gaming having a lot of niche celebrities. March in to one circle of people and mention Gabe Newell, and everyone can easily spark up a conversation about Valve, Steam and Half-life. Walk in to a different crowd just a few inches away though, and they could just as easily all look at you sideways having no idea who or what you are talking about.

Cubes3240d ago

We definitely need some more celebrity types in the industry. Miyamoto is probably the most high profile, and listening to him talk about the development of a game is really interesting.

Pidgeridoo3240d ago

I agree with scruffy bear would love to see that in the gaming industry!

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The story is too old to be commented.