Mass Effect 2 Gets Sexy shows one of the sex scenes from Mass Effect 2 and points out that, despite the outrage that's sure to follow, it's not all that shocking or titilating.

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MTEC83401d ago

to say, I wish they had this on the PS3. Saw the commercial during the Saint/Vikes game and this looks awesome. I rarely play on the PC so it's not really an option for me.

Montrealien3401d ago

I really hope EA gets this to the PS3 eventually and I am pretty sure they will. This is a great game that every sci fi fan needs to play.

/on topic

Miranda aka the hottie from chuck surely makes this game sexier.

Diamondwolf3401d ago

You know I've just recently started watching Chuck..........damn good show and man o man Yvonne Strahovski is Niiiiiiiccccceeee!

Didn't know she was in ME, that's for that informational tidbit

Montrealien3401d ago

Miranda is perfect...geneticaly perfect.


FarEastOrient3401d ago

That was it? I thought they were going to make a big deal about this so Fox News can go on a run for it...

PS Do not let Fox News get a copy of Heavy Rain!

I can not wait for midnight!

Montrealien3401d ago

I would have to dissagree FarEastOrient, if Heave Rain gets on fox that would be great news.

Good or bad, as long as you talk about it.

FarEastOrient3401d ago


I'll have to agree with you, I just hope that when ever a game gets covered on the media the right context is used and that is what I worry about since they can damage a game's reputation to the public.

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Nihilism3401d ago

@ the poster, you may as well add ps3 to the chanels, 75% of the comments are going to come from there anyway, might as well deliver it to them

Diamondwolf3401d ago

I see 2 PS3 comments and both are positive towards the game, wishing and waiting for it to come there.

Then you come in and drop your comment with a negative tone. I primarily game on a PS3 and I for one am on the fence of buying an xbox to play it. I want it to come to the PS3 as well because I am a gamer first before a company loyalist sheep.

Please don't fall in the pit that many on this site has already.

/on topic

BioWare has done it again, great reviews and amazing quality based on what I've seen so far. If my computer wasn't a steaming pile of crap I'd be all over it.

I guess I'm waiting for MS to drop the live fee or I can get a 360 for pennies before I play it.

WildArmed3401d ago

lol while I do agree with that, but your only encouraging them to do so.
Heck, you might even make some neutral guys tread in the ps3 trolling zone for that comment alone.

So lets leave well enough alone shall we?

BeaArthur3401d ago

It has an M for mature so who cares. If it had sex and it had a T on the front of the box then you can say something about it. If anyone is upset about it then don't let your 12 year old play it.

WildArmed3401d ago

lol exactly.
Otherwise every porn video that goes up online on the net should be pastered over Fox-news page says:

You can't shut the whole world out by locking urself in ur room

SwiftArsonist3401d ago

i think its dumb to make a fuss over this scene, its nothing kids this days havent seen already (or done).

WildArmed3401d ago

isn't that the truth.
Most parents just don't want to believe so.