Console Monster: Steve Schnur Interview - Part One

Console Monster writes: "Music is the pinnacle of our lives. Take a long hard think about this. Where would you be without music? Some of you may not express any interest at all in the creative medium and if you don't, for shame.

Over in the other corner we have videogames, another institution in their own right. But what happens when you fuse both mediums together, how important is music in video gaming and more importantly how important has videogames become for music?

In this series of articles, we'll be talking to those upcoming bands that feature in the music you hear today in some of the top videogame franchises, as well as taking a look at how music in videogames has progressed in the past four decades. From Pong to Rock Band, we'll be delving deep into the archives to check out how music has changed and what it means to consumers now.

Firstly then, we kick things off by chatting to Steve Schnur who is the worldwide executive of music for EA and President of Artwerk music..."

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