ESRB reveals three new PSOne Classics

The ESRB has revealed a trio of new PSOne Classics that will be heaing to the Playstation Store in the future.

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meatnormous3281d ago

Does anyone else feel like they are wasting time with these games? There are much better titles to focus on, instead we get this crap. Where the hell is the FF games anthology, chronicles and origins.

Dev8 ing3281d ago

Maybe they are planning to release it on blu-ray remastered.

CREESH3281d ago

This is how sony is going to win 2010.

washingmachine3281d ago

haha i know ur being funny cause sony isnt gonna with with these lame ps1 titles,least they could do is release more rpgs,i dont see why they just dont flood the psn with alot more,but i guess its there way of sayn they got stuff to release on thursdays etc.

we need to be able to play the downloadable psp games on ps3 lol. plus release some decent psn titles insead of wot they release now. that whole eyepet thing was a flop. why dont they just get on with release ps2 upscales instead of puzzy footn around and actn like its the biggest thing ever once a few hit the market like the gow upscales

Dev8 ing3281d ago

Adding PS2 games to the PS3 would do that more so. Bringing PS2 BC back and eliminating the PS2 would instigate a migration.

3281d ago
Xof3281d ago

Yeah... if there's one word that comes to mind when I think of those three games, it's "classic."

Christopher3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Please stop pu$$y-footing around and get to putting out some PSOne classics that a large percentage of your gamers actually want.

Dev8 ing3281d ago

I don't know if a lot of people want them but I want Intelligent Qube and Poy Poy. Remakes would be better though.

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