Louis (Left 4 Dead) has been killed in Army of Two: 40th Day

The German website found a killed civilian in Army of Two: The 40th Day that looks exacly like Louis from Left 4 Dead. Karma? The source shows some more screenshots.

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PCA3402d ago

cross-promo works ;) it would be funnier to find ghost from mw2 ingame. ^^

socomnick3402d ago

LOL nobody likes luis in L4d. He is always the first to die in online games, and nobody ever heals him.

dragunrising3402d ago

Personally, I don't think it looks all together like him. The dead NPC is simply a look alike. As pointed out earlier, the sleeves are different.

Sangria3402d ago

Honestly, Left 4 Dead characters are pretty common, they don't have anything particular. Louis is just black with a white shirt, gray trousers and a red tie, which is quite a common outfit for a simple businessman.
However, Louis has long sleeve uni shirt, while this character has short sleeve pattern shirt. So if it's a cameo, it's not a perfect one.

redsquad3402d ago

They should have concentrated on making the game good rather than trivia like this.
After hearing how 40th DAY was an 'improvement' on the first AoT (which I quite enjoyed), I was looking forward to the sequel, only to find it a badly designed mess that's barely playable.

execution173402d ago

i loved the first one but, but i've been hearing nothing but bad things about this one compared to the first one so i had to make a pass on it

3402d ago
nygamer283401d ago

wow cause hes black with a shirt and tie he looks like louis??? racist germans