Brave New Gamer: Mass Effect 2 Review: More Like Mass Effect Squared

Brave New Gamer's James Pikover reviews Mass Effect 2: Delayed into this year, Mass Effect 2 was one of my personal "I can't wait to play" games. I was lucky enough to play the first hour, have several interviews about the game, and amazingly scored a copy from a local Gamestop, when the release date is so soon. After sitting down with it over the weekend and taking in the new, redefined universe, I can safely say that you will love this game.

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CREESH3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Microsoft exclusive.

ceedubya93240d ago

Are you trying to start something, or what?

divideby03240d ago

psst...its on the PC.......if you need an explanation of that..oh well

u got owned3240d ago

@ divideby0

you need windows to play the game on an X360, in other words it is a MS exclusive. Key word "MS exclusive" not console exclusive.

blitz06233241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Just for the PC and it got approved? I sense some bias...

Sangria3241d ago

And related games are not even added.
Poor submission.

dkblackhawk503240d ago

Its called....IMO they re worded the IGN review and JamieSI seems to be slow these days lol. But it looks like Catastrophe fixed it.

Simon_Brezhnev3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I just played Mass Effect 2 to see what the hype is about. I guess i dont really like Sci-Fi space type games. The gameplay is spot on i give it that but i just don't feel connected to it. I can see why everybody likes it though. I truthfully think The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings will top Mass Effect 2 when ever it comes out. Im probably just more of a fantasy type guy then Sci-Fi/futuristic.

divideby03240d ago

ME2 is a buy for me...
You point is one of the reasons, I didnt go crazy over ME1.
And after playing a game like UC2, which literally sucks you into the game and story, I have to see how ME2 is

Raf1k13240d ago

I really liked ME but I thought it wasn't on the same level as the other games Bioware has produced in the past and not as polished especially on the 360 with all the little issues it had.

This one looks to be better and hopefully will be.

VanHalen3241d ago

Not for long, it looks like its coming to the PS3 next. Its about time, maybe i will wait till it comes to PS3 to get it. Too many good games coming out. Next on the list is AlienvsPredator and Heavy Rain.

DMason3240d ago

It wont be coming to PS3 most likely, that was just Geoff Keighley's thoughts. If you remember about 6 months back, Bioware said that the Mass Effect series would not be coming to PS3.

Before everyone gets medieval on me, I'm just recalling what I've seen here at N4G as far as news stories go. I have nothing against this game coming to the PS3. The more the merrier.

Oh, and the graphics in this game are badazz. I dont know why more people arent talking about them.

Socrates3240d ago

Yeah the graphics are badasz. I saw a discussion on Amazon where some people were saying it was the best looking game out at the moment on consoles. In my opinion it looks as good as anything else I have played on any of the consoles.

DMason3240d ago

I agree. Im about 6 hrs in and I think the graphics are mind blowing. The details in the character models and facial expressions look real. It looks a bit like Heavy Rain. Animations are pretty good also. But the thing that stands out is the variation of colors due to it being in space. The neons really stand out.

sutton323241d ago

mass effect squared. so mass effect 1 x mass effect 1 = mass effect 1? bad choice of wording haha

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The story is too old to be commented.