Gamer Syndrome's Darksiders Review

Gamer Syndrome writes: Darksiders is an interesting beast. Interesting in that it borrows heavily from quite a few established franchises like the Legend of Zelda, and even newer IPs like Dark Sector and Portal. Many games borrow elements from other titles but few manage to make these pieces they borrow their own, and I'm happy to say that Darksiders succeeds in fusing all these features into its beautifully realized world of Angels and Demons.

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Nitrowolf23192d ago

and omg its fun, when people said its a mix of zelda and god of war they were right. It has the god of war combo and upgrade blood and all, but the dungeon, puzzles, are more like zelda. I just beat to second boss. You know which zelda game this seems closer? Majora mask, because everytime you go to the realm holding the boss there a big mountain guy (the moon giant from majora) that you need to release. its a great game so far