The Legend of Zelda: Better Off Without The Three Godfathers

The future of the Zelda series could be better without Shigeru Miyamoto, EIji Aonuma, and Takashi Tezuka being directors. How could this even be remotely possible? Miyamoto is often considered a Godfather of gaming itself, creating some of the most beloved game franchises in the history of the industry; Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox. He has his fingerprint on the Metroid series, Wii Sports, Wii Music, and Animal Crossing. He also had a major role int he creation of the all time best selling handheld system, the Nintendo DS. Add on top of that that he had a hand in what may become the best selling console of all time in the Nintendo Wii, you really begin to see the impact he has had. How can Zelda be better without him? Even setting him aside, how can Tezuka and Aonuma also taking a seat really make the series better?

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ZoidsRaven3187d ago

He needs to be in charged so it does get americanized. Can you imagine a Zelda with too much cut scenes, linear open world and (oh god no) voice acting? 7_7

hatchimatchi3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Your post doesn't make much sense.

He's saying that the three of them should step back, take producer roles and let someone else direct a zelda game. He gave good reasons but i'm not gonna list them all because it's not a long article and is a decent read.

Do i agree with him? Not really, but I also don't disagree. I like zelda the way it is and unless zelda wii is a disaster, (which I don't see happening) i'm fine with the same people being the creative force behind the series.

Xi3186d ago

I return to the world of Termina would be an amazing thing for me.