Best First Person Shooters (FPS) Of All Time

Since the dawn of the FPS Genre there have been many huge titles that have molded the genres future, and some that have perfected it.

The evolution of the FPS has been a long and elegant one. Starting off as trigger happy monster frag fests, have evolved into tactical, scripted and cinematic experiences that pull you in and don't let go.

The following games, Chart Box believe have molded the genre into what it is today. Taking what was out there, and turning it on it's head to create something completely innovative, compelling and ultimately mind blowing for the time. These games took steps into the unknown, re-writing the formula, introducing imaginative and artistic ideas, bold story telling, unparalleled gun play and industry changing technical achievements. Chart Box thanks you.

See which First Person Shooters have made the ultimate chart!

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Gigalol3405d ago

Not Killzone 2,3 or LAG, or Resistance 2 or 3




toaster3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Learn your roots noob.

Half Life

Halo would be -->nothing<-- without them.

YoungKiller253405d ago

i liked all the games they had on that list along with their placement and explanation for it

Cosquae3405d ago

Maybe missing Counter Strike, Crysis, BF2 or TF2. Depends on what style of FPS games you like.

But adding one of them would mean taking away another and I like all those top 10 ;)

ryuzu3405d ago

I think Unreal can be dropped - for me that game was basically Quake with a different skin. Also Halo should go - Halo was a good xbox FPS, but in the great scheme of things wasn't really ground breaking - you might look at Bungie's efforts pre-Halo where they did try some innovative things. I sort of think that Halo is here because a large group of people will get upset about being left out if it isn't.

Instead of those 2 I'd put Deus Ex 1 because it successfully merged RPG and FPS elements (something very difficult to do despite being tried many times) and was, unusually for a story based game, very replayable as a result.

Also, I think Counter-Strike should go on here somewhere - while CS is a mod, it is a mod which basically cemented the MP FPS genre and made it popular. Until then, MP was an add-on to SP games, CS demonstrated you could drop the SP part altogether and have something popular, cool and it's still going now! Pretty much none of the other games on that list are.


vhero3405d ago

only timesplitters missing in my opinion it was the number one offline FPS for PS2. Which is the biggest selling console of all time (for now)

Hellsvacancy3405d ago

Ryuzu - yeah man i LOVED Deus Ex part 1, never played 2 and hav 4-gotten that Deus Ex 3 is in the makin, its gonna look SICK on next gen consoles

Darkstorn3405d ago

Halo pioneered rechargeable health and showed that FPSs can be done on console (though much of that success if attributed to Goldeneye, admittedly).
I'm not a big Halo fan, but there's no doubt it was insanely influential in the scheme of things.

ryuzu3405d ago

What? Rechargeable health - lol. Wow that was a big one.

As you correctly pointed out, Goldeneye perfected and proved the concept of FPS on console. Rechargeable health had been in many PC titles - usually called "easy mode" so children could manage the game.

Like I said, Halo was a good xbox game but it should not be in a list of 10 most important FPSs (which is what this list actually is rather than what it's called) when the likes of Deus Ex and CS aren't - and that's just two.

I think the problem with Halo in general is that people can't help but associate it with the release of a new console which at the time many expected to fail.

When it was released and didn't absolutely suck, there was a great wave of relief that there might be an alternative to Sony after all (Ninty looked like they were on verge of collapse at that stage) - that's where Halo's rep. comes from - as a game in it's own right, solid but not revolutionary or influential or anything else.


The BS Police3405d ago

Goldeneye 007 did not perfect conosle FPS games, it was merely a proof of the concept that FPS games can play good on a console if done right. Perfect Dark literally perfected on alot of things Goldeneye 007 did.

Halo however perfected the controls with the golden tripod of weapons, grenades, and melee. Seperate buttons to use grenades and melee attacks rather than having to switch your weapon to either your fists or grenades. They also removed the magical back pack to allow a more tactical approach in arcade shooters and they perfected vehicle combat in Halo 1.

To deny Halo 1's influence and innovations is pure fanboyism from the PC crowd, there only a little upset that Halo paved the way for all the console FPS games we take advantage of today.

Solidus187-SCMilk3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

My two favorite FPS, and games, of all time are Half-life 1(PC) and Deus-Ex 1(PC).

edit-- Hoping DEUS EX 3 isnt dumbed down like DX2. Looking forward to taht too. Gonna get a new PC before that comes out.

Lich1203405d ago

They did a lot more with Halo than just Rechargeable health. Even if they hadn't though, while it seems trivial now, that was a very intelligent step forward. besides that though Id say vehicle interaction and physics really set it apart.

As for the list, I don't think I could agree anymore. All my favorite shooters are on there (cept maybe Deus Ex which I see a ton of people saying).

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ryuzu3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

How poor Rare has become since purchased by MS.

As for the rest of the list, predictable and probably OK. However this list is taking into account the time of release - clearly PD or Goldeneye, Halo etc don't compare well to todays shooters.

So really this isn't a best FPS list, but a list of FPS which in their time were considered important.


vhero3405d ago

Agreed Rare have gone downhill but to be fair all there best staff left and formed free-radical which made the great timesplitters series.

skatezero2463405d ago

lol you honestly think Halo is the best shooter of all time? you either started gaming last gen. or have missed out on a lot of shooters such as counter strike

Baka-akaB3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Meh i'll get disagrees , but from the subimission's picture alone i knew this list would be flawed .

There is no way Halo should be up there with such a rich history on fps .
Halo is nothing for the pc world (but of course disagree away) . It was a deserved milestone for fps on consoles and obviously in sales , but only as such and for people only starting with the game .

PC constanly had better titles than Halo to offer . So far the only consoles fps with bragging rights in a best fps category would be indeed perfect dark , timesplitters , but most of all Golden eye .
it's not an attack against bungie actually ... Marathon could and should even be there instead

Halo is mostly rehash for people with access to both console and PC gaming (or only pc) .

toaster3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I agree.

PC version of Halo was a joke. There were better FPS's and it did nothing to change the way people played FPS's on PC.

But since this list is multiplatform then sure, Halo was a good FPS for consoles, albeit a FPS-lite. Well written story and good controls - for a console. Nothing new to PC folks though.

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