IGN Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Review

I don't know how people keep screwing this up. Comic characters and videogames should go together like milk and cookies, but developers keep finding ways to suck the fun out of putting on a pair of tights and fighting injustice.

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Loudninja4729d ago

Just fix it thanks buddy

DarkestHour004729d ago

I was hoping they would do a better job on this one from the last. Oh well I guess not.

Diselage4729d ago

I was really hoping with the Silver Surfer present they would do a good job. The whole movie, the whole game could've been about him and it would've been fantastic.

ElementX4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

Just face it, most comic book or movie games suck. Just look at the other games. If you suddenly expect magic from one of these games, you've been living in a cave. The Darkness is based on a comic book, I think it'll be good, but I'll have to wait for reviews before I buy it.

sephcor94729d ago

I think Darkness will be an exception to the suck rule. The developer responsible for the Darkness is the same who worked on Chronicles of Riddick, and that was a good game.

Phantom_Lee4729d ago

hows the comic Darkness? I was going to give it a shot

texism4729d ago

You guys were hoping? It's a movie game. Movie games = teh suxorz

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The story is too old to be commented.