TTH: A Look at World of Warcraft: The Magazine

TTH writes: "World of Warcraft: The Magazine has finally shipped and we here at Ten Ton Hammer now have a copy in our possession. We've looked through every page, read every article, and have examined it from cover to cover and are here with an exciting look at this new collectable item. Is it worth $40 a year? Let's find out.

My first impression when looking at the magazine was oh, my, gosh. The magazine is indeed a coffee table "magazine". A coffee table book is a book designed to be a decoration on top of a coffee table and to be easily picked up and read by bored guests or used to begin conversations. This is sometimes applied to quarterly magazines, except they often have glossy soft covers and arrive less frequently than other magazines. This is indeed the case with the WoW Magazine. The cover is shiny and the art is exceptionally detailed."

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