Sony: God of War 3 Trailer Wasn't Delayed

Everyone has been waiting for the newest footage of God of War III to be shown in trailer form. Sony hasn't released an official God of War III trailer in months, and fans are now beginning to get a tad-bit antsy. After some sites mentioned a January 18 release date for the new footage, everyone got excited about that the idea. Sony quickly denied that and confirmed no footage would be shown that week, except from new screens and hands-on write-ups.

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Agent Smith3403d ago

Who said a GoW3 trailer was coming out on January 18? Was it Hiphopgamer?

kalebgray923403d ago

plz show it there show the world your greatness kratos

SnuggleBandit3403d ago

i expect a big blowout once heavy rain and MAG are outta the way.

Darkeyes3402d ago

Yup, it was HHG who first came out (with N'Gai) and told about the jaw dropping trailer they had seen.. After that it was all hype.. Sony must have said the embargo to speak about the trailer lifts on the 18th and HHG must have thought that the trailer will be shown on the 18th... It seems like a series of miscommunication. And when Sony felt things were getting out of hand, they emailed HHG about no trailer being shown... That might be what happened.

Megaton3402d ago

It's always HipHopGamer.

Simon_Brezhnev3402d ago

hopefully they show it during superbowl and a heavy rain commercial

Blackcanary3402d ago

He was the one who said it wasn't coming out on Jan 18th get ur facts right instead of hating.

DaTruth3402d ago

They were acting like N'Gai was speechless, but he was probably just afraid to talk about it or say anything because of the embargo.

HHG is the only one crazy and desperate enough to talk about it, just so he can say, you heard it here first!

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Ilikegames763403d ago

trailer to begin with. So how could it be delayed?

Darkeyes3402d ago

Have you been living under a rock for the past week? Where were you when the media blowout occurred when previews of the new trailers landed...

nix3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

not new trailer. those were previews for a new gameplay.


@Below: ok.. they could probably do that. just remove the QTE buttons and HUD display and voila... but we must applaud for the fact that we've come so far away that we can just use the gameplay captures and use it as a trailer. not many games can pull that off.

Darkeyes3402d ago

That is what these guys are hyping about.. The trailer might be some part of the gameplay (the gameplay as per IGN didn't even last more than 3 minutes), so that itself can be the trailer although I don't think thats the case...

The main motive of this new "Trailer" is to show the world the new Titan Gameplay feature and that is what the gameplay/Trailer was... Don't be surprised, if Sony just put some music score and just showcased the gameplay as a Trailer... Either ways, this so called 'Trailer' was always expected to be the gameplay shown to the media behind doors in December 09. I knew it then and there that it's Titan gameplay.

Narutone663402d ago

It was a demo for the media people to play with, not a trailer. Sony didn't give out any date for release of a new trailer. It was the media who were saying the release date was January 18.

DaTruth3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The last trailer was entirely gameplay with a panning camera! That was the most amazing part, that was entirely gameplay. Only the Titan riding, the Matrix pile on, ground tilting and everyone falling made it seem like that wasn't gameplay; But now we know that all of that stuff is gameplay. Just some dude playing, while they panned the camera. Nothing in that trailer wasn't in the demo or the hands on!


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ClownBelt3402d ago

This is like Gran Turismo 5.

ThatCanadianGuy3402d ago

I agree.It really is the perfect game of it's genre. :)

god_o_war3402d ago

WTH is with this sh!t why cant they just release a freaking trailer why are we getting a PREVIEW of a TRAILERS FFS!

eg gameTRAILERS has a slideshow of gow 3 screenshots

Karum3402d ago

The preview is of the game, NOT of a trailer.

Gaming media were shown a new gameplay demo with new gameplay not seen before by gaming media or the public. THAT is what has been previewed.

There hasn't been a new trailer announced, people are simply assuming there will be a new trailer in the run in to the game's launch. There most likely will be a new trailer, but it hasn't been announced.

HelghanEmperor3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

we are now only a month and half away from release, show something new for christ sake. And I don't mean screenshots either. We saw the first trailer over a year ago now, and the gameplay demo from E3. From there its been silent, and its time they get the hype train going a bit more with some new footage. We all want to see something, and I don't see why they aren't giving us anything.

DaTruth3402d ago

*Tears in eyes while quoting guy above* We are now only a month and half away from release!

Sniff, sniff; Isn't it great!

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