Enterbrain President Hoped For More From Monster Hunter 3

andriasang: Monster Hunter 3 sold around a million copies. A huge success for Capcom and Wii? Maybe, maybe not.

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thereapersson3407d ago

Should have released it on the PS2 or PS3, where the core audience for these games have been all along.

Still, a million copies of any game is pretty good regardless of the circumstances!

kyzer19783407d ago

Serves the company right for not bringing the series to where it's core audience has been. Just goes to show you the kind of casual audience the Wii is attracting even in Japan.

Jamescagney3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

This is the numbers just from Japan. It will sell far more yet.

How much did the other games sell on other systems?

dragunrising3407d ago

Perhaps the game might have sold better on PS2/PS3, perhaps not. I think the sales are quite disappointing. I believe the subscription model attached to the game is what killed it. Good thing the localized version is free to play.

qface643407d ago

what you guys are saying is so silly
you wanna know where the core audience for this game is IN JAPAN all MH games sell bad outside japan
1 million for monster hunter 3 is not bad considering the newest psp version has only sold 100k more than MH3

i don't see how this game could have sold better on the ps2/ps3???

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Redempteur3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

dragon quest 9 sold 3.8 M in JAPAN only ..and it's not enough for him ??
oh wait he wanted 5M .. i guess some people just want more and more ..

at least he admit that the game is still selling so it's not a fixed number for now

SpoonyRedMage3407d ago

DQIX has done over 4.15 million so far and still going, it's only outsold every DQ AND every FF in Japan, it's only the best selling third party game this gen there, it's only in the top ten sellers of all time for Japan....

Pfft, what a failure.

Redempteur3407d ago

lol seriously i still wonder 10 hours later ( after my first comment ) why he said that

Myst3407d ago

Hmm, well in a way aren't the console versions the ones that sell the least?

mshope103407d ago

first off this is the first and only monster hunter to sell a million unit's on a console!none of the monster hunters on ps2 reached near a million in just japan.and worldwide none of the ps2 versions sold a million look it up.cause now everyone seen a story badmouthing a core wii game that sold a million in japan alone and they jump and say it would of sold better on ps2/ps3 well the games on ps2 didn't do wii's number's and 3rd party games barely reach a million in sales on just the ps3 in just japan and again look it up.and they wanted 2 million sales worldwide and the game get's released in america,and europe this getting a million sales on wii with a core game in just japan is really good. it's amazing how people leave just enough info out of the story to make wii looke bad!it's shows how bias everyone is to the wii a core game thats 3rd party does great in one market and somehow it's not enough wow just wow gaming is becoming a crybaby fest were you make stuff up and leave stuff out so you can cry about a console because it's selling the most.instead of just enjoying your own console it's sad.