Gran Turismo 5 goes behind the wheel

Late last year, Gran Turismo designer Kazunori Yamauchi told fans that the next installment in his popular driving simulation series would reflect a change in the franchise's core principles and become "a fully realized online car life simulation."

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Lord Anubis4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

nice, scanning the interior of a car should speed up development. Lair dragons also use a very interesting technology to scan the clay models.

Diselage4733d ago

Should be fantastic, and does save some hours for the designers.

XxZxX4733d ago

this would be a excellent game to play but in the mean time, that's always forza for 2007.

Sevir044733d ago

but GT still holds the crown. with all this new info coming in.. GT5 will only blow us away... i wonder how much better the cars and BG looks since the demo they released in 2006. Damage and Dynamic weather has been confirmed and now this... i eagerly await the online races and rankings for this game and hope it has customizations as well./ E307 will be huge, sony's portfolio is looking ever so impressive, all of there exclusives look amazing. i'm completely stoked for the show

Diselage4733d ago

If this game is what the screens show then it will be the top of racing for a while.

zafeiriou4733d ago

Wow...dashboards? That is Amazing!

C'mon, that your biggest, most exciting improvment? Forza may not have dashboard views, but it does have body work and custom paint jobs...I would take that any day. Sony is gonn have to do better than this for exclusive titles.

beast4733d ago

Why are you bringing up froza when this is about GT5.

So you can coustomize lego graphics....Good for you...

zafeiriou4733d ago

I bring it up because as good as GT5 may be, it is not as good as its competition from what I have seen.

beast4733d ago

so you are comparing a full game of froza with glimpse of scans from a magazine of gt5 your logic strays me

zafeiriou4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I am comparing features...not screen shots. I hope you are not so foolish as to not understand the difference. Beside would I even know if I was looking at a sceenshot from GT5 and not PG3 considering how the developer has, on several occasions, intentionally misrepresented GT5 by using screenshots from PG3?

Just because you love Sony does not mean you cannot be critical of their products. Do not allow yourself to be so easily blinded.

artman4733d ago

are you talking about urself? I wonder who is blind~ Forza is nice, but it's not great, I can't say GT5 is great yet since haven't release yet.
Just don't find any holes and excuses to abuse other system.
Yes your 360 is the best, got more softwares and bla bla blah.
that's is your decisions, your opinion. so do I. I have 360... but sorry... it doesn't satisfied me, even I only have 9 games of ps3, but it does give me a time to enjoy the machine with its features.
GTHD is already promising, just like the previous series. And the developer willing to improve the GT5. then its going to be much better supposedly.

just don't bashing anything you don't like. it make me sick
stick to what you believe. if you think 360 is that great, you don't need to worried about ps3 software that is promising.
if you believe that much about your 360, you shouldn't be worried to much about its future.

zafeiriou4732d ago

woah there, fanboy...I have been a long time fan of the GT series, but that does not mean I cannot be critical of it. It is as simple as this...the features offered by its closest competitor, Forza 2, are more impressive to me than what GT5 appears to offer so far. Why is it wrong to compare a game to its competition?

popup4732d ago

I am sure the dash views will be very nice (after all they have 50gb to fill if they need it so why not?) but its hardly the 'main feature' of this game. This was simply a site with an exclusive that bigged itself up and padded out the detail.

Lets face it, right now in Japan, the GT team are prob playing Forza 2 to death and are deciding where to go with GT as a response (I would if I were in their position and so would you)

A few years ago when Microsoft needed a GT of their own to bring new customers to their platform, they did the same thing with GT and did it because it existed and becuase it sold consoles.

GT and Forza are for fans of cars and racing at the core and true fans will buy the console for the game and play for months and months.

Even fans of a certain range of cars that have not appeared in the competitors game may well decide to purchase for that reason alone. In fact, car fans will be led by many variables rather than simply a paint option or damage for example.

If GT had never been, Forza may well have never been and if it did, it may well have played like Ridge Racer :)

Competition is the single most important reason why these games are so good today.

So spare a thought for GT, the gods at Polyphony and their obsession with cars the next time Forza is booting up. and yes, Forza is great.

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The story is too old to be commented.