The most overhyped games of this generation |

From Bayonetta to Grand Theft Auto IV, takes a look at the most overhyped and overplayed games of this generation.

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Godmars2903189d ago

Worse yet, its selling more - by a hair - on the console that has the "crappy" port.

vhero3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

The list is bang on fanboys won't like it but it's absolutely 100% right. As for Bayonetta its selling 20% more on PS3 surprisingly showing again that 360 users are not interested in non shooters/FPS games.

WildArmed3189d ago

lol but but but Bayonetta sends Ninja Gaiden, God Of War, Devil May Cry back to the drawing board D:

The hype was unbelievable for that game.
As good as it is, the hype killed the game imo. (rented it, and played about 40mins into it and couldn't play it anymore)

The article takes stabs in the right direction: Haze, Too human, Lair.
People are bent on making games like Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid 4 to be over hyped (which I dont agree with), that they forget the true examples like those three.

Megaton3189d ago

I'm not one to play sales, particularly because some of my all-time favorites were sales flops of biblical proportions, but yeah, it is pretty funny that Bayonetta is selling better on the console with the crap port. Reinforces the old notion that the only games that sell like wildfire on the 360 are shooters.

Nihilism3189d ago

"rented it, and played about 40mins into it and couldn't play it anymore"

If it was that bad then it sounds like the game was to blame, not the hype.

reintype3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

No game got more "hype" than this one, how can the author miss the most obvious one?

As for Bayonetta, only fanboy reviewers with agendas, would give this one with an inflated score. While most games get penalized for their stories, this one gets a pass for its nonsensical one. And let's not forget, the lazy cut scenes, sprinkled through out the game. While some games are labeled as movies, I don't understand why this one is not mentioned as a "Slide Show"? How about, being a copy of another game, did they missed that one too? Every review of Darksiders, makes mention of it being a clone of other games, and was put down because of it, and yet this one gets praised?

Double Standards and Biases, rearing their ugly heads once again.

goflyakite3189d ago

Yea MW2 is a huge one. Definitely should be on that list.

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GUNS N SWORDS3189d ago


"With shameless sex appeal, cheesy cut-scenes typical of the genre and some dumb concepts (she does a handstand and shoots using her feet for Pete's sake!), Bayonetta is the kind of game that does nothing to push the medium forward."

When you actually play the title you beguine to think less and less how ironic everything is. when i first played bayonetta i had lots of questions about it. particularly about her guns on her feet and fact that there's no finger to pull the trigger. later on it hit's you that she's using her witch powers to manipulate each wouldn't know any of that if you haven't played the game.

Honestly i had lot lots of other questions about other games too, DMC4 for instance. Nero wields a sword that with a twist of his handle he can make it sound like a motorcycle, with having no trace of an engine on it. it should be clear why people love these titles so.

Games like Tekken, DMC, Ninja Gainden, DOA, and street fighter weren't made for their complex stories or how or why they do the things they do.

All of these games have female characters the were made with massive sex appeal. it's clear that none of these games were made with a female's true touch....especially Ninja gaiden. all of these games were made so that enjoy immersing your self into it's game play and their arcade style, and that's what people have been saying about this particular title. (if you read the reviews.)

Gigalol3189d ago

killzone 2, Uncharted 2, God of war 3, Gran Turismo 5. FAIL. FAIL and another FAIL.

AH, Playstation 3 hardware FAILUREA RATE surpasses xbox 360 ( 1%) PS3 = 33.3%


WildArmed3189d ago

after reading that, the word 'fail' has become synonymous to your name 'Gigalol'

and if you don't quite get it:
Trust me, you don't want that.

awesomeperson3189d ago

Although i do find it strange how unreleased games can already fail, and you've got your failiure percentage rates mixed up mate. But your name fits, Giga lol...

Nihilism3189d ago

Why hello there thetruth2009, still paranoid as always, keep fighting the good fight, we're all real proud of you ;), your amount of bubbles reflects the level with which we relate to your well thought out unbiased and thought provoking posts.

ATi_Elite3188d ago

I'm sorry did I miss the full page story that should be Modern warfare 2

as the most over hyped and under achieving game since E.T. (well not that bad)

I swear there was a channel rolling 24/7 of Mw2 commercials.

MW2 was the poster boy for Hype

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Foxgod3189d ago

Bayonetta is actually under appreciated.

SnukaTheMan3189d ago

You mean when there are big difference between consoles...there is more coverage of it...too bad we got people pointing out that instead of hype.

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