Sony explains the lack of MAG reviews

Sony's Jeff Rubenstein explains why there haven't been any reviews for MAG yet.

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Blaze9294200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

"Reviews can’t be written until the game is actually out. I mean, you can’t pass pre-release judgment on a game whose major, industry-leading feature (256 players in a single battle) can’t be tested until release day."

The servers aren't even going up until release date so that could be and likely is the reason - they literally can't even play it. So I guess we know that anyone who publishes a review tomorrow or Tuesday (the day it comes out) made a completely BS review seeing as they couldn't even 'write' it until release date. On top of that people have to get to at least lvl 10 to unlock the domination game mode.

But that's a huge risk making reviewers wait until thousands of other people get their game. If it's anything like the Socom launch with the servers debacle, they'll just slam the game in their review becuase it was unplayable.

Can't wait to see what reviews come out quick then we'll know what's up.

AridSpider4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

It's probably just due to the servers not being up until Tuesday. So like you said, any reviews before or on Tuesday are completely BS. I'm looking at YOU IGN!!!!

kws10654200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

even if reviewers could play among each other, it would be hard to make up 128 vs 128 team match, the major feature of this game.

And reviewers can't write a thing about the game if they don't play the main feature of the game, of course.

MyBlasterRunsHot4200d ago

A game of MAG's epic scale can't be reviewed until the full version is out with enough community members to have large matches.

evrfighter4200d ago

"even if reviewers could play among each other, it would be hard to make up 128 vs 128 team match, the major feature of this game."

I highly doubt every game you play is going to be packed full. How long does the major feature last in about a years time?

probably not too well

SilentNegotiator4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

I don't give a crap about any reviews released on Tuesday or even Wednesday. I will read/watch the reviews of those who have actually played through it and ranked up a lot.

Expect a bunch of extremist ratings the first 2-3 days of ZOMG TEN PERFECTORZ!! and ZOMG ZEROEZ!!

hazardman4200d ago

How does Sony expect to sell this game without any proper advertisement, matter of fact I just saw a commercial for it today when I was watching the Vikings/Saints game..I'm like what the [email protected] just this one effing commercial 2days before the launch..and no single player..this game will not ever touch my crazy, and how much do they want for it $60 [email protected] that sh!t...

FamilyGuy4200d ago

WTF? They actually needed to explain this to people? It's an online only game, I'd be pissed to see a single review any earlier than two days AFTER launch.

The reviewers can't review a game if there's no one to play with.

stb4200d ago

Hope you arent talking about the son of a ...MAG ad...oh my.

vhero4200d ago

Any reviews you see now are based on the BETA version..

jetlian4200d ago

I think so!!! they couldn't get 250 journalist to play? Yea right.
they could have given them say 2-3 hours a day to force all them on at the same time in order to get a review out on time! But they didn't and why is that? we all know its gonna get average reviews

they could put the servers up whenever they want so thats not an issue

WildArmed4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Yes coz the world always works the way it's meant to.
And if you haven't realized, MAG is about interaction with everyone.. so it'd be good if the reviewers get to play with actually experienced players, not just another reviewer who is clueless as they are.

if it makes you feel better, Sony is UUBBERR afraid of letting the scores out for MAG coz it fails /s
I mean that explains why they had an Open Beta for everyone.. oh wait...

Sevir044200d ago

Sadly N4g is just a sight traphiced by 100 people, thats it... LOL!!! Maybe when they have a mass following like IGN gamespot, Gametrailers and 1up, but till then N4G is nothing more than a small pimple on the back of 300lb Obessed woman.
The game is a best seller on the number 1 videogame retailer in the World, Gamestop. 250K+ pre sale full purchased preorders online and who knows how many instore reservations for this game is on this game.. no wonder both it and ME2 are having midnight launches. I'll be picking it up. the first 5 days should see it average 500k.. and it'll do fine over the life time, i think the 256 players online has it in at the selling point. MAG will surpass alot of people expectations.

So to round this out. N4G hater community isn't even in the .1% of the
people who are going to by this and love it. Those who played in the beta and stuck with it know's this game is a Gem and a great way to start off Sony's year. and the fact that it's Got a Midnight release along with a nother well known highly anticipated title and being and New unknown IP at that has these Haters all the more Scared.

And who ever keep saying they can have this game running for reviews is just stupid. the scale of this game alone is a daunting task to play and properly review without having all the features. at the very least. a person Must get to Level 60 to have all the features, to proper get the game out and running with fair and accurrate reviews..

They are Gonna need time.. This isn't some 16 vs 16 online only game where your lobbies can be filled with 1 reveiw outlet, this will have to have the several different Media Outlets Playing the game for the longest. and tehy cant do it based on the beta because the beta isn't even the whole game. So These N4G idots who want to talk bad about the game can go on. I'll be reveiwing the game come Monday night at midnight when i Start Up my Clan. and we'll all have a blast killing IGN and 1up and Eurogamer and everyone else in organized team based tactical shooter heaven.

S.V.E.R 4life, Clan Squad name will be called N4G/SlayerZ/
You've gotta be S.V.E.R To Join, I look forward to combating other N4G Raven and Valor Factions. we could probably set up team tourneys and such and take on others for teh Gold. ^^

N4G/Slayerz/ - PSN SEVIREDgamer. Tactitions with Mics apply here :)

mastiffchild4200d ago

I wouldn't want to rush a review for MAG if I was writing for a sie myself. You'd need to give it a couple of weeks minimum, imo. Fact is you aren't going to buy MAG unless you have your PS3 hooked up for online play and if you do you more than likely played in one of the closed and open beta tests so know whether you're up for it or not anyway so, right now, reviews-even great omnes, wouldn't have much effect. However, after a couple of weeks they could matter AND would be able o be more accurate:you'll know if the servers are any good and what the buhgs are/have been, you'll know if the early adopters made a decent community filled with gamers willing to play and LISTEN as a squad or not as well as how good the basic game mechanics are and stuff like lag etc too.

Anyone writing a review earlier shopuld stipul;ate that it's based just as much on beta as real gameplay.Another thing is I don't know if Sony expect MAG to sell that quickly. I feel it'll sell in a Warhawk fashion(more popular I'd expect with the SOCOM massive ready to support Zipper by and large)over a long period of time as it's success is totally reliant on a strong community being behind it to fuel the big fights and the huge overarching meta game behind the action. This being the case expect a lot of premature "flop!!" cries but I will be on board pretty early as I think that, when it falls into place with the right squads with the right leaders on both ides i's an almost totally unique game experience and verges on the magical at some ploints during the "perfect game"!

Seriously, I'm a bug TF2 fan and I'd argue that MAG, when it IS good, is better than the best TF2 games you find(and it can be rare to get a perfect game of that, on any platform, even today)online which makes it a very special game in my eyes. I realise it's not for everyone as it's a game that relies heavily on us doing what the designers want us to and doesn't reward lone wolves or steady camprs used to the pick up and play of COD. TBH I doubt we'll know how successful, or not, MAG is until a lot later into this year.Though the perfect game I talk of was rare(for me at least)in the betas it was STILL something worth looking for and in a community of people who PAID for the game you'd expect a lot more of them to be team game players who want to play in the spirit intended by the devs as if they aren't of that mind why wouldn't they just stick MW2 anyway?

I also think Zipper deserve it to succeed for shfting the emphasis to a big battlefield for organised assaults and defenses and if enough gamers can get thir heads round it I think it'll be an amazing game t those special moments!BTW, I can totally get why it isn't the game for everyone and don't see exactly why anyone thinks of MAG as a real blockbuster when, on console esp, it's appeal is quite narrow and borders on being a fairly niche title. Whatever, I'm keen for the war to start even if the last thing I want is to be in charge of anything other than my gun! I'm more than happy being a grunt in this one till I get a lot more confident that people might actually listen to orders!

Guido4200d ago

As the reviews will be truly representative of what the game is and not a beta. To be upset about getting real reviews for this game makes people look like douche bags. Don't be a douche and just wait for the reviews. Let the first day buyers be the beta testers for your review if that is in fact what you need to actually buy the game.

Jinxstar4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )


Do you know how hard that would be. First off many real game journalists have second jobs. Even people who work for good sites many times still need a second job or school. How are they going to "Force" them to play. That will go over real well in the reviews eh? They would have to coordinate PSN ID's and allow them to jump straight to level 10 (Losing out on the initial experience of the game). Not to mention do you know if you got all that done how hard it would be to get them all to be there and ready to go?

Heck man me and another guy on here tried to get a group of 8... "8" to all join in the stadium in burnout for the final trophy we all needed for platinum. It took a half hour because everytime everyone was close someone would go out of the stadium and crash then someone else would go try to bring them back... It took 30 minutes to get 8 people who said they would be in and ready to do one simple thing. That is just how it goes. Life happens and people don't really care that much in the end.

Ever try having a "Raid" in WoW? 25 people (used to be 40 and that was a total pain in the rear) Coordinating 25 people that have jobs they work late at, Kids to feed and wash, Pets to walk, Girlfriends yelling at them to get off the computer, dinner to cook and eat, homework to do... There is no way you could get 10 times that many to all be there. It would not work the way you think... Sony doesn't have much choice here but to have gamers wait on reviews a little while.

I don't disagree that the game will probably get fairly average reviews. I do think it will be a lot deeper then people give it credit for(Especially initial reviewers) but in this year where there are so many PS3 games I want to get myself I am actually going to pass on this one because I have not seen any reason for me to have yet another shooter... 256 players or not... Too many great games to buy this one can wait til it's cheaper. I do feel it should have been like warhawk 40$... Then I would def buy it.

y0haN4200d ago

Maybe Sony knows it won't review well.

DaTruth4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

All this time I didn't bother with the beta because I thought there would be no vehicles! The first videos showed vehicles and then the rest of the footage didn't show any vehicles. Now the new footage is showing vehicles.

So can someone tell me; Is there vehicles? What types?

darkmurder4200d ago

Its probably due to the fact that the game will fail and they'll try con as many into buying it without having prior knowledge of how poorly it tries to rip off Battlefield.

Double074200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Theres APC's in Acquisition and Domination, the point of Acquistion is that the attacking team has to steal 2 APC's from the defender's base.

The attackers themselves get APC's in both game modes too and can be used as spawn points so if you drive it to a remote area behind enemy lines you could get a good position for your squad to spawn.

Plus when you disable the enemies Anti Air Defence, you get choppers coming in which again can be used as spawn points and have pretty powerful miniguns you can use too.

Oh and according to this

TheSixthAxis at least should be publishing a review later today (it mentions it just above the picture towards the bottom of the article)

Edit: Above, you're an idiot. Simple as that.

HQLocated1114200d ago

I guess I wont be buying this day one. I'm still not entirely sure if I want to get it yet

captain-obvious4200d ago

so much hate for MAG
you all should support this game
just for that technical achievement's sake

Chubear4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

lol, keep on hating while PS3 keep on gaming... on 128v128 that's IMPOSSIBLE on any other console.

Enjoy hoping to not get too much lag on your 8v8 games while we're rocking 128v128 with little to no lag. Awww, poor stupid PS3fans like myself. Arent' we suffering with games like MAG :( lol

If I couldn't game past 8v8 I'd be mad hateful as hell too lol

elpresador4200d ago

....Achievment? Consoles yea I guess so but PC has been there done that. ANd to others. just hope this does not pan out like hollywood cause usually if a film is not sent for review before release, it is USUALLY a bad sign. Still, at E3 they were able to get a game with 256 going s why they couldnt have a media day or 2 and have the reviews play each other and teams made up from zipper and sony is beyond me.

Still, personally, all the betas didnt interest me at all and what is up charging $60 for an online only game? I know SOCOM was only what, $40 due to online only and wasnt warhawk cheaper as well?

Kinda foolish to be having harped on ODST about price when MAG is half a game at full $60 as well.

Also, where the hell have the advertisements been? I live in a large metro area and have only seen ONE commercial yet ME2 is all over the damn TV and even had a trailer near the end of the NFC championship game last night. WAKE UP SONY!!!!

lightningsax4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

I agree that we have to wait until the reviews are up, but I wouldn't look at a Socom release to predict how the servers are going to run right now. Support for this game will probably be a bit different, but who knows?

What I think they're doing is avoiding a different multiplayer-only debacle altogether - Fat Princess. People were releasing their reviews before non-reviewers were actually playing the game, and the problems with the game didn't really emerge until the game was being played by the public. We were getting honest-to-goodness impressions of only the single-player (tutorial) game at times, because that was the only thing that wouldn't immediately change! I know that when I saw those articles, I was confused and just waited to see what would happen on day one.

I think you'll have a small hardcore Zipper fanbase that'll at least buy the game on day one and provide people with a real picture of how it plays (Raz is citing VGcharts below as having a sizeable pre-order aggregate), but it seems like MAG is not a day-one kind of game. I think Sony's plan is to hopefully build a reputation for it and have the game spread by word of mouth.

Whether that's a good idea or not is another story.

Dev8 ing4200d ago

Half a game? To get to the first level of prestige in this game takes about 50 hours. To me that is more than I got out of Bayonetta, darksiders, mass effect, assassin's creed 1 & 2 and from what I hear that is more than you'll get out of mass effect 2 even if you play through it twice.

pixelsword4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

The pre-order beta lasted about two weeks or so, and the public beta lasted a week. If you still need a review after playing a game a week, maybe I can understand that, but barely; Most people can make up their mind on a demo after a day. If you had the chance to play it three weeks total or the four months and still need a review, you don't actually need the review, you are just feel the need to have other people "like" your gaming choices; in that case, get over it and learn to make up your mind.

If you are locked in a decision between getting MAG and another game... get to play the Other game for a week in demo form or the actual game: if you aren't finished with the game by then the choice will be clear (or ought to be).

solidt124200d ago

Usually It would be suspect but since this game is online only with that many players it makes since. Either way reviews shouldn't be the sole reason you decide to buy a game. I plan on getting it because it looks like 256 players would be awesome and Zipper usually makes great games.

lightningsax4200d ago

...and now Destructoid has one up from a day-long session with reviewers, eh? Well, here we go...

creatchee4200d ago

Online-only games are hard to review. Just look at SOCOM:Confrontation - some had to change their reviews after playing it a whole MONTH after release because of the buggy nightmare that was its launch, and many would argue that they should have waited anywhere from 6-8 months AFTER that to review, at which point - why even bother?

As for MAG - people who want it will buy it (or be referred via word of mouth), and people who don't want it won't buy it (or hear not to buy it from negative word of mouth). And then there's the beta people - some who didn't care for it (like myself) and others who did or think that the game is going to magically become a different experience.

Either way - reviews aren't going to make or break MAG.

4200d ago
pimpmaster4200d ago

wow dude, looks like sony got 'smart' and decided the low reviews would be a determent to sales so they're not sending out reviews. looks like its worse than i thought for sony to actually do this.

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Karooo4200d ago

its a valid reason, it has lots of preorders in the US so sales will be great for the new IP.

Blaze9294200d ago

What the hell are you talking about? And is @kartik21 some kind of troll or why are people disagreeing with him? But playstation123 I don't see what Halo has to do with this topic yet alone why you replied to kartik21 about it.

starchild4200d ago Show
WildArmed4200d ago

Makes sense. Doing a review based on a 8 vs 8 match won't do much.
The point of MAG was the scale.. and it you cant get that down, you can't review it..
Either way, looking forward to the reviews later on next month.

dragonelite4200d ago

If scale really was the problem then blame sony for not giving the devs the playtime to test the 256 man mode.Sony could have prepared a 3 day trip giving reviewers 3 days of time to review this game. Put some random people on it to play with the reviewers. Really this is just damage control from sony it self. It should have been in the beta the 256 player mode. If that's the main selling point why not playtest it havent played the beta but i heard it went to 64 player matches.

And really why f#cking mention Halo:ODST why not keep it clean you know. Because MAG is just a multiplayer game going out for a full priced game while its a generic shooter with a niche thing the 256 player count. Dont get me wrong generic shooter isnt bad in anyway last 2 years all the best game are generic shooters like killzone 2 modern warfare 2 etc..

GarandShooter4200d ago

'Sony could have prepared a 3 day trip giving reviewers 3 days of time to review this game.'

Then they would be accused of buying the reviews. It's a lose-lose for Sony.

DaTruth4200d ago Show
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DelbertGrady4200d ago

They want to trick people into buying the game before they see the reviews. ;)

Karooo4200d ago

ur brain typically functions like a bot, people have to get to lvl 10 atleast to unlock domination mode and then it becomes the best FPS ever.

THey dont want biased reviews because a guy didnt want to play the game fully.

nix4200d ago

just like how MS has been tricking you guys. which is the irony of the highest scale.

it's not 4vs4, 8vs8 or 16vs16. it's 256 players at the time. even if they do have the servers on the place will still look empty.

DelbertGrady4200d ago

Sony are aware that 256 players is the only thing it's got going for it. That's all they ever talk about in previews.

I predict 6/10 across the board.

blitz06234200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Tell me Soda, what is the only thing Halo has got going for it? Jumping like superheroes or 'let's play dress up, I'll be a Power Ranger!'?

And in case you don't know, achieving 256 players is something worth recognizing. All you retards care about is good graphics and it should play like Halo or the noob-friendly MW2. You don't understand how much effort it also takes to make a game that can handle 256 players in one room.

SilentNegotiator4200d ago

Wanna go down to the drug store and get a bottle of Soda Bot, anyone?

"Sony are aware that 256 players is the only thing it's got going for it. That's all they ever talk about in previews"
That's because it's as fun as most shooters out there plus it has larger battles than anyone else.

Dev8 ing4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

12 vs 12 is no war simulator. That is like a paint ball simulator.

The reviewers need to level up to level 60 to be the supreme commander which takes about 50 hours.

GayStation34200d ago

$60 and the game doesn't even have a campaign mode?! Day 1

JasonPC360PS3Wii4200d ago

It's because the reviews are pointing to failure and they know it. They want to sell the only 5 copies they can to the only 5 PS3 owners that buy games.

peeps4200d ago

well i know u troll anyway and well this is the open zone, but you do realise Sony had an open beta that allowed any1 to play a good chunk of the game...

i'm pretty sure ppl were able to make up their own minds about the game lol

if some1 goes out and buys the game and thinks 'wtf is this' then they're obviously an idiot. i mean it's an online only game meaning u'd only buy if u have online, and if u have online u cudda tried before u buy.

Trebius4200d ago

A game that's only playable online can only be played when servers are up on release the reviews wont start coming in until at least a week after that.

If you cant understand that, then there's just no hope for you, dont procreate.

UnwanteDreamz4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Look at all the kids rejoicing over a fake reveiw. Servers werent supposed to be up until today and you mean to tell me that he has already written a well thought out reveiw? It is funny to see the same kids who whine about trolling in the 360 section posting their BS here. Pathetic is the only word that could be used to describe you guys.

You kids need to get a hobby. Leave gaming for the true gamers.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4200d ago

^^^ the highest review of MAG so far is 8 from TheSixthAxis a Sony site.

MAG = Fail
PS3 = No games in 2010

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LONEWOLF2314200d ago

Cant really call this game epic.
I wasnt too fond of the Beta. BUT hey who know maybe the full game will be actually good.

raztad4200d ago

The reasons for MAG not to be reviewed early are pretty much obvious. You dont need to be very clever to guess what Rubenstein is saying.

How the hell are you gonna review a 256 multiplayer game with no SP campaign? servers are not even up yet.

Cueil4200d ago

will it hurt or help the game? That is the question... if it does well it may be a victim of it's own success(idiots)... on the other hand if it doesn't do as well as we hope it may hinder do to lack of people

jetlian4200d ago

up for the press? they can be put up at anytimes!!

raztad4200d ago


I guess they can be put up, but it would be for a short time/private setup, not allowing the press to experience the full scale of the game, just FYI at least one tournament with press staff as players has been set up/done very recently. They allow for previews but no a full review. Eurogamer has a preview of it.


I dont quite understand the whole "I need a review" thing. MAG had a full open beta a few weeks ago for you to try, why do you need someone else to tell you how good is the game? 1 million of downloads and a solid 229+K preorders (VGCHARTZ) show that servers wont be empty day one. The beta convinced me. Now I need to choose faction, I was SVER during the beta, I would want to try RAVEN this time.