I Am Alive Multiplayer: More Evidence Uncovered

Last month, Blend Games noticed a job listing that suggested Ubisoft's I Am Alive would have a multiplayer component. If that didn't convince you, here's another piece of evidence.

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TrevorPhillips3283d ago

I've heard so much about this game cannot wait.

EvilCackle3283d ago

Really? I've heard almost nothing other than the general concept: it's set in Chicago after an earthquake and while it's first-person perspective, it's not really a shooter. It seems like Ubisoft's been keeping their cards close to their chest on this one.

nix3283d ago

not another first person game. sigh. the only game i have that is first person is KZ2 because it was just too great to be missed out. others i just find it meh.

belal3283d ago

game about, so little info has been given.

hope to see something new and fresh instead of just a tps or fps. maybe this is a survival game, where you have to survive a disaster after another then something parnormal happens. this game has so much possibillities of going the ricght direction :)

give me some boubles pliz i am not a fanboy i just want to discuss!

EvilCackle3283d ago

Yeah, it's a survival game. From what I understand, you get weapons but not many.