Awesome Pac-Man Haircut

Bitmob: The New Orleans Saints' season was saved by Tracy Porter - a man with Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde shaved onto the side of his head. You've got to see this haircut to believe it.

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3279d ago
Bnet3433279d ago

Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

Lifendz3279d ago

That was a crazy game man. I was sick by the 4th quarter. Can't believe they pulled it out and are going to the superbowl.

On topic: that haircut is so full of win. But I know he doesn't want people to start calling him Tracey "Pac Man" Porter.

va_bank3279d ago

This kind of stuff gives people heart attacks. GEAUX SAINTS!!!

rockleex3279d ago


If only the Vikings offense stopped fvcking themselves over each time they got to the endzone.

Like I said to my friends a week ago, the only way the Saints were going to beat the Vikings was with turnovers.

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Relientk773279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I saw the game and I def did not see this

It's a good catch

villevalorox3279d ago

lol. awesome... just awesome... .*giggles

ElementX3279d ago

This should be on It's hardly "news"

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The story is too old to be commented.