Diehard GameFAN: Glory of Heracles Review (NDS)

Although the graphical and aural aspects of Glory of Heracles may be lack, the rest of the game is highly enjoyable. The story is well written and even though it uses numerous RPG cliches including the silent amnesiac protagonist, the wit and humour more than make up for it. The engine is well done and the game allows for some pretty intricate customization of your characters. Best of all are the mini-games that come into play when you use anything besides a standard attack. The variety and style of the mini-games are the most fun Diehard GameFAN has had with a turn-based combat system since the Sacnoth's Shadow Heart series and are sure to be the high point for whoever picks up this cart. Glory of Heracles certainly won't be the best RPG of 2010, but it is a fun one and that's what counts.

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