Bad at video games? Your brain structure may be at fault

New neurological research, published in-and made freely available by-the journal Cerebral Cortex has found a correlation between the size of a trio of structures in the human brain and their owner's ability to learn and play video games. Animal studies had focused the authors' attention on three distinct structures deep within the brain: the caudate nucleus and the putamen in the dorsal striatum, and the nucleus accumbens in the ventral striatum. It was known that the striatum was used in habit forming and skill acquisition, so a role in video games skills makes sense.

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Timesplitter143191d ago

If I'm not good at something it's because of my brain?


lightningsax3191d ago

I know, it really does sound pretty funny when you look at the basics, but the nature vs. nurture idea is constantly being argued over in so many different ways. This is another study talking about your genetics and biology influencing your performance and preference for certain stuff - in this case, videogames.

I wonder if these studies will really start leading to linking gamers and geeks together. Is it really as simple as "Geeks don't have friends, and therefore they play video games?"

I don't think so - I think some of us have more of an emphasis on cognition, learning, and motor skills linked together than others, or at least have a preference for activities that nurture these processes. We might just share this trait. Finding that these three sections of the brain correlate to gaming prowess makes a bunch of sense.

Of course, it's just research, and there's plenty of good and bad research out there. I've got plenty of reasons both to trust and not to trust every study that makes headlines, but this is interesting. I'm just filing this under "Huh, that's pretty cool."

crazyturkey3191d ago

Whoever came up with this idea needs to get a novel prize for pointing out the obvious.

FACTUAL evidence3191d ago

I can't do Gen's nearly impossible #5 hard trial combo in SF4! /s

dragonelite3190d ago


interesting theory
So maybe gamers can excel in similar activities.
I think gamers do have the skills to excell at sports too.
If they wanted to commit the dedication to build a body capable of doing the sport good.


Your caudate nucleus is probably just a little to small :p.

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Dsnyder3191d ago

Video games are probably the eaisest thing to in life other then sleep. Even now these easy games are beng made easier for all those slow brained casual gamers who say that gaming is "too hard" bah I say! Society is getting dumber. At this rate, another albert einstien will never be born, our world leaders of the future will be as dum as 15 year old stoners and the world en thanks to someone hitting the "nuclear bomb" button thinking its a skittle. z


shutupandplay3191d ago

Hmmmmmm, I must have quite the impressive brain structure then.

bjornbear3190d ago

because I suck at fighting games and racing games but I can hold my own in FPS or almost any other genre pretty damn well.

is there a fighting game and racing game gene i'm missing?=(

CoderDunn3190d ago

bu bu but .... i have a gooood br braaain!

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