The Escapist: I Have Seen The Future, And it is Annoying

The Escapist writes: "There is a desire among publishers to do for the PC what Xbox Live does for the Xbox and the Playstation Network does for the PlayStation. Everyone has a sense that digital distribution and/or social networking is the key to the future and that there is a great deal of money to be made in setting up shop early and securing your own share of the market, even before the market takes shape. Nobody is quite sure how games will be sold and played ten years from now, but they all know they want to be the ones running the community or selling the titles. We can already see this process at work. On the sales side we have platforms like Direct 2 Drive, EA Store, and Impulse. On the networking and matchmaking side we have things like Games for Windows Live and Gamespy. And then we have Steam, which does both."

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