Bitmob: The Industry is Changing, and I'm Scared

Bitmob writes: "One of the worst feelings a person can have, in my personal opinion, is that of helplessness. Being completely powerless over something and seeing absolutely no way to change it. It feels awful, and because of that, I will try my hardest to avoid experiencing it as much as I can. Sometimes though, I just can not avoid it, and recently I have had to come to terms with it and accept that I am powerless over the direction the gaming industry is taking. I realized that I must really love this industry to get so worked up about it. It is completely true, I really do love it. So you can understand how hard it has been to watch something you love turn it's back on you. Some may scoff at this, but watching this industry alienate the Hardcore Gamers in favor of Casual Gamers is tearing me apart, and I need to vent on the subject. Here is my plea to the industry."

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