Lost Planet: Xbox 360 Vs. PC, new screenshot comparison

When Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition arrived last winter for the Xbox 360, it was already an extremely good-looking game with top-notch animation. Can porting the hit game to the PC make Lost Planet even better? Capcom has released several screenshots with comparisons between the two versions to give gamers an idea of the differences they will see when Lost Planet arrives for the PC later this month.

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Rhezin4733d ago

those a5sholes XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE it says on the box, now this.

twostep184733d ago

its rumored to hit ps3 to not sure when just what ive read places

dachiefsman4733d ago

does it really matter? And isn't this old news?

AcidRhain4732d ago

MS has ownership on the franchise. hopeful thinking won't get you these games. :-(

Rhezin4733d ago

no way it won't and neither will dead rising

Kaneda4733d ago

No way! 360 is faster! Sony LIES AGAIN!!!

PS360PCROCKS4733d ago

"A close look and attention to detail is required to appreciate the differences between the Xbox 360 and PC versions in some areas of the games."

Lol this is an amazing quote, yes god knows I should stop and appreciate the extra attention to detail. In fact if I have to stop to appreciate the graphical differences their isn't any capcom.

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