Game Over For Crystal Chronicles Franchise?

Final Fantasy Union: "When Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles first appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2004 it was very well received. It allowed four people to take part in the action, but they had to play using Game Boy Advances, instead of Gamecube controllers. Despite these heavy requirements, the game still ended up selling well over 1 million units and Square Enix naturally thought they were on to a winner."

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somekyle4814d ago

What the feck, Square! If they make another one, that company will be completely stupid in my books.

People need to know about this, I should sell my books! ..xD

qface644814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

how is it the end of the crystal chronicles franchise when the previous games before this one have done some what good???
considering they have only been ds games up to this point

i personally prefer the original style

Redempteur4814d ago

i think cristal bearers was a nice change .. it's actually a good game if you just give it a chance ( ring of fate and echoes of times were just awfull).

i think the cristal chronicles saga is a good one ... people are complaining when it's always the same thing yet this series of ff games tries something each game .

the first FFCC had kiler graphics , beautifull soundtrack and is very fun ..if you could find people to play with

the one on wii has a very good story and graphics up to date ..the gameplay is hit or miss but it really wasn't that bad at least the presentation was top notch .

SO i don't think it's game over yet ..

iforgotmylogin4814d ago

dont over milk it lol if you doo the franchise becomes bland and lame

its not even that great man. i had the first 2 but i always felt something was missing. fun game but when you want a close to ffmain series expirence it needs to be better

to me cc= nintendo square and ff= sony square

as is nintendo square cant compare to sony square.

ShawnCollier4814d ago

It's sad they have basically Mana-ized Crystal Chronicles. >.>

mephman4814d ago

It seems so.

I still think the franchise has a lot of potential, they just are fulfilling it sadly.

Sanrin4814d ago

I remember having a ton of fun to the first game, it's a shame the series has really gone down a notch from that. Maybe they should do some DS/Wii integration?

Smacktard4814d ago

Maybe instead of just giving up on the franchise they should just make one that's a quality title with lots of time and polish put into it, instead of what appears to be a rushed product filled with glitches and bad gameplay.

mephman4814d ago

Pretty much, although you'd think a game that spent as long in development as The Crystal Bearers would actually end up being pretty decent.

Maybe they should just move away from the Wii/DS and try it on either the PSP, or the PS3/360.

na-no-nai4814d ago

well they did released it after the xmas holidays.
i still believe they should continue it. i would of brought it but unfortunately i was broke the whole time til maybe next month then i will get the game

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The story is too old to be commented.