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Online Multiplayer: Old-School vs New-School


"Anybody here play competitive multiplayer? What game? Modern Warfare 2, right? Killzone 2? Uncharted 2? Halo 3? Gears of War 2?
How many of you play a game where powerful weapons lay scattered around the map at the start of each match? Half? Not even half?
How many play a game where your health/shield doesn't automatically regenerate when you hide behind a wall? A lot less no doubt. Ten percent? That much? Don't make me laugh."

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Cajun Chicken3440d ago

Nah, more a old-school online gamer. I prefer an equal playing field to jump into instead of people who have devoted more time to a game getting perks, that isn't how an online game should work, imo, it's very alienating that people are better just because they've had more hours of their lives to play it more. To me, it doesn't prove skill most the time, it proves having more TIME to play the game.
This is probably also why Halo multiplayer worked so well because it was an evolution from the arena shooter, again, things in the same places.

I still can't get into these RPG elements in online games now. It's as if someones sucked away all the fun and made it into a chore instead of a free for all.

Rob Hornecker3439d ago

I not into the competive playing part of online mutli-player,what I enjoy is getting together with a bunch of friends on a team and having FUN.

What hurts a game for online MP is the game being a glitch fest and becoming unenjoyable. Beta testing is a must these days. It seems like a week doesn't go by that I don't read something about another glitch found in MW2.

With all the beta testing and delay of release ,i'm looking forward to seeing how MAG for the ps3 and Splinter Cell for the 360's MP will play like.

Rob Hornecker3439d ago

I don't know what platform your playing on but have you tried playing Borderlands? Its the best RPG/FPS hybred that I have ever played. The 4 person co-op is the best gaming time I have spent in a long time.

As you said,its hard find that style of game these days in a me me me world.