The Five Worst Types of Gaming Journalist

Bloggers are annoying on many, many levels, but that's not the point of this sensationalist top five list. The point is…

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Lord Anubis4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Game journalism doesn't exit. For instance take a look at the 6 year olds with a website they call Joystiq. Then take a look at the sadistic Eurogamer.

They all must create sensational headlines and bodies to generate traffic.

There is no Game Journalism. There are just blogs and biased opinions.

Diselage4233d ago

With that optimism it's a wonder you frequent any gaming site, especially this one.

Lord Anubis4233d ago

I only read the news and not the sensational opinions the "journalists" try to feed the reader.I like the sites that actually report the news, leaving the reader to formulate their own opinion.

My fave sites are gamasutra and

I visit n4g because it a resource center.