A look ahead at the consoles to replace PS3, 360, and Wii

In part one of a week-long, future-looking feature series, IGN offers their thoughts on the gaming consoles of the future.

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Lyberator4734d ago

Looks like the future is bright in the world of console gaming

risk4733d ago

like sony will release another playstation in 2010; HA. maybe a new xbox but i doubt sony will do that.

power of Green 4734d ago

Gaming is quikly becoming an international way a life a valid form on entertainment for everbody no longer looked apon as a childs pass time. Ofcourse Japan are ahead of the rest of the world gaming is a major release and break from the real world and we in the west are behind but finally catching up.

Us Americans need this form of release to releave stress and probably does more good then the crack-pots say does bad.

Anyways this is the last time i'll be joining news posted by drtysouf21 he leans way to far to the PS3 which a contributor should be more well rounded.

drtysouf214734d ago

You know you are one of the people i ignore because of all your fanboy comments and i decided to click "show" to see what your comment said in reference to this article an low and behold you mention my name. I Post and Tip good news and bad news about all 3 consoles. I own all 3 consoles. The PS3 is my favorite but that has not stopped me from tipping or posting bad news about it. But i am glad you'll be staying away from my news because now the people that read the news that i post don't have to worry about an ignorant comment from you. Rather then trying to call me out you should have just went about your business and ignored my comments and articles. Sorry that i hurt your feelings because i favor the PS3.......cry me a's a tissue. If your gonna come at me you better come better then that.

Eagle Eye4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Yeah well you gotta remember the ground technology for games was first made right here in America. The Brown Box which eventually changed the world. The West is just taking some back too where it was born.

And I'm not starting anything by saying this. This is a fact.
And remember guys I said SOME back.

Arkham4734d ago

Has it come down to this? So early in the nextgen cycle an article like this comes across as a desperate grasp for attention.

It's like one of those half-hour showbiz/tabloid TV shows that consist primarily of "Coming Up Next!" snippets of non-information. It's not even a full page of text.

"This Just In: Next-Next Gen Gaming Will Be More Advanced!"

Maybe they should start paying their interns.

JIN KAZAMA4734d ago

"It's like one of those half-hour showbiz/tabloid TV shows that consist primarily of "Coming Up Next!" snippets of non-information."

That was an awesome analogy.

Arkham4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

So you know what I mean, eh? Fack, that really bugs me. It's gotten so bad that--I swear--10% of your average half-hour program actually has any content outside of the hosts' preamble and pre-commercial-break "Stay Tuned" crap.

The beauty of internet-finger-on-the-pulse-r ate journalism is that you get news as it happens. Unforutnately you also get knee-jerk responses on the fly, live misinterpretations, and before-you-know-it retrospectives.

There is no time for digestion any more. Before noon there are twelve stories reporting a fart before the 1PM correction blaming it on the dog.

Edit: Sorry guys, just venting. There were some interesting points in there, but nothing above blog-level opinion.

Mighty Boom4734d ago

What is HDR and what can it do?

marison4734d ago

to represent a more variation of illuminated and darker areas of a scene. That way you have a better representation of the reality, working more like our vision could perceive.

Mighty Boom4733d ago

Thanx dude. That cleared it up for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.